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Umbrella organisation extends its hands of help

The Association of Dogs and Cats Homes has grown enormously over the last few years and now boasts a membership of over 40 animal welfare groups across the UK, Ireland, Guernsey and Jersey.

Clarissa Baldwin (Dogs Trust CEO) has recently been appointed Chairman with Stephen Goody (Director of Animal Welfare at Blue Cross) as Vice Chairman.



The Association was set up in 1985 in order to unite companion animal welfare organisations in matters of importance to stray and unwanted dogs and cats. Topics have ranged from re-homing policies, vaccination protocols, training and behaviour advice through to issues of financial importance such as reclamation of VAT.

The last few weeks have shown a different dimension to this collaborative working. Cheltenham Dogs Home and Dogs Trust Evesham both had to evacuate dogs during the recent flooding, other charities within ADCH were swift to answer the emergency call and dogs were moved to a safer, drier haven.

In addition, the threat of hundreds of dogs being abandoned following a decision by Dublin Council to ban certain breeds of dogs from their housing estates brought swift response from members with a petition of over 26,000 names being collected within a week.

There are moves afoot for even wider expansion of this group’s modus operandi, which should bring forth even more positive results for the benefit of companion animals