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Cheshire Area Cat Club
Cheshire Area Cat Club schedules are now available.

Schedules will be sent to Members and last year’s exhibitors, other requests, please send an A5 SAE to Mrs D. Hughes, 14 Park Avenue, Hawarden, Deeside, Flintshire CH5 3HZ.
D. Hughes (Mrs), Asst Show Manager

Yorkshire County Cat Club

The Yorkshire CC Schedules and Entry Forms are now available for download from www.yorkshirecat club.co.uk/show.htm otherwise please send a SAE to Simon Twigge, 84 Machin Bank Road, Sheffield S7 1PG.

Please read the schedule carefully this year to learn about some of our schemes - you could win one or more of our grand prize draws and take home £550! Or perhaps you might take advantage of our reduced double pen rate if we receive your entry by 1 September.

If you want to avoid a long drive on the morning of the show or are travelling from outside the UK, why not consider staying the night before at the Campanile Hotel, which is just a stones throw away from the Dome, and welcomes pets to stay with their owners. Details of this hotel can be found in the schedule.

This year we have introduced a very competitive rate to make it possible for you to join the Club and still save money on even a single entry. So why not join us and take advantage of our handsome range of Club Classes! Non Pedigree owners will also notice a change to our entrance fees, which now reflect a guaranteed split by sex of your opens, if both sexes are present of course. We also offer a Best in Class award, Best in Show NP Adult and BIS NP Kitten and Overall BIS NP in addition to the Royal Canin Classes and Mastercat Title Awards for Adult Open Class winners.

If you are new to showing please make use of our Show Buddy Scheme, which aims to provide extra support to those who are new to showing.

Please help us by making it clear from the start if you only wish to enter one class, or perhaps you prefer not to be considered for Best of Breed. We are happy to accommodate your wishes as we find it easier to do this before the show day rather than you asking to withdraw from classes on the show morning. This can lead to upset and confusion if you leave it too late.

Do remember that if your cat gains a new title before the closing date of our show (Monday, 17 September) then we can always help you change your classes. If you put off entering the show for this reason you will probably rush your entry form, making several mistakes, and have all that stress at the last minute!

Given the problems that the Royal Mail is currently experiencing, and with no sign of an end to their disputes, we would encourage you to enter as soon as possible and contact us to make changes if needs be. Last year with over 650 cats, we were very close to reaching full capacity, so please ensure your entry and enter early!

We hope you like our selection of judges. We are very pleased to welcome back Mr David Redfeldt who is visiting from the USA, and also Mr Klass van der Wijk from the Netherlands, who may be known to those of you who have been to the Lakeland this year or some of the Scottish shows where he has judged before.

We will be having a very wide selection of stalls again this year as we have completely sold out all of our stall space! We will be posting a list of stalls very soon on the show page of our website - www. yorkshirecatclub.co.uk

We look forward to offering you a very warm Yorkshire welcome at this year’s show. So what are you waiting for! Send your entry off as soon as possible!
Simon, Jacky & Susan, The Show Management Team

North West Cat Club

Exhibitors, please note the following Judge Changes for our show on 29 September.
Mrs A. Gregory will now judge AC Colourpointed/ Mitted Ragdoll Adult. Mrs M. Kalal will now judge Asian Tiffanie and Asian Self or Tortie Neuter. Mrs M. Walkden will now judge Asian Spotted, Classic Mackerel or Ticked Tabby and Asian Spotted, Classic Mackerel or Ticked Tabby Neuters.
L. Muffitt (Mrs), Show Manager

Oriental Cat Association

We are proud to announce that we have designed a new feature on the OCA website called “The Forum”, allowing our Members and any other interested parties to post comments, ask questions or provide information. We invite your contributions!

We have also installed a further benefit for the Association’s Members, a Stud Directory, providing details of both Oriental and Siamese Stud Cats so that there is an up-to-date list to help Members, and, of course, non-members also, locate a boy, his owner, the location and contact details. We would like to confirm that non of the Stud Cats listed on the site come with a recommendation from the OCA - we simply provide you with the details. The rest is up to you and the Stud owner.

We would like to invite Members and non-members who own Oriental Stud boys, and Siamese Stud owners who welcome Oriental females, to provide up-to-date details for inclusion in this section. Any changes to listed details, i.e. if the boy is no longer available, must be advised to the Stud Registrar.

Simply go to http://www.oca-cats.org.uk/stud enquiries.htm and follow the instructions to add your Stud. For those non-members who wish to take up this offer, we invite you to make a donation - of whatever size you deem appropriate - to our Cat Welfare Fund. This donation will also give you one year’s full membership of the OCA. Simply send your donation, explaining that you are doing so to accompany your free use of the website to: Julie Stevens, Mostyn House, 98 Wellingborough Road, Finedon, NN9 5LQ.

We would also like to announce the appointment of Rosemary Mortlock-French as the OCA Membership Secretary, Ivy Cottage, 3 Abbey Cottages, Bradfield Road, Wix, Essex CO11 2SH. Rosemary will send you an acknowledgement of your free membership following the Committee Meeting which follows receipt of your donation.

Thank you for your support. We hope many people will find this facility of benefit.
Carol Ward, Chair

Blue Persian Cat Society

At the recent Committee Meeting, Ms Gail Miller resigned as Secretary, and from the Committee, and we would like to express our grateful thanks to Gail for all that she has done for the Society over many years.

In the interim, I will be acting as Secretary, and all correspondence should therefore be sent to me at 43 Crayford Way, Dartford, Kent DA1 4JY or e-mail keith.scruton@btopenworld.com
Keith Scruton, Acting Secretary


Persian Smoke & Tipped BAC
The next meeting of this BAC is arranged for 10.30am on Sunday, 16 September, 2007, at The Bell, Bellbroughton.
For any matters relating to this BAC or any items for the agenda, I can be reached at 5 Cedar Court, Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 0QJ, or email e.merchant@btinternet.com by Monday, 28 August.
Ed Merchant, Hon Secretary

Tortie, Tortie & White and Bi-colour BAC

The next meeting of the BAC will take place at 10.30am on Sunday, 14 October, 2007, at Moto Services, Tamworth.

Items for the agenda, applications and reports should reach me at the address given below by Monday, 3 September to allow time for copying, collation and distribution to the Clubs and BAC Representatives.

Blue and Odd-Eyed Bi- & Tri- Colours - I am pleased to be able to report that the Executive Committee has now given these cats a Breed Number and agreed a Standard of Points and Registration Policy. Copies of the latter two documents may be obtained from me on receipt of a SAE or by email.

Joint Seminar with the Self Persian BAC - The Seminar, originally arranged for 1 July had to be postponed, and will now take place on Sunday, 21 October at Wythall Village Hall, Birmingham. The Tortie BAC element will focus on patched and intermingled coats. The Tortie BAC will also be introducing the new colours of Bi and Tri-Colour - Blue & Odd-Eyes, Smoke, Silver Tabby and Cameo - for which applications for Preliminary Recognition will be made following the Seminar.

Cost of the Seminar is £6, but free to those bringing cats. Tickets may be obtained from me at 43 Crayford Way, Dartford, Kent DA1 4JY or email keith.scruton@btopenworld.com
Keith Scruton, Tortie BAC Secretary

Self Longhair BAC

The Self LH BAC is holding a Seminar jointly with the Tortie, Tortie & White and Bi-colour BAC at 1.30pm on Sunday, 21 October at Whythall Village Hall, Whythall, near Birmingham. Afternoon tea and refreshments will be provided.

The Seminar will concentrate on coat colour and shading in Self cats with particular reference to Blacks. It is also intended to have an odd-eyed white available for assessments by Probationer Judges before the start of the Seminar at 12.30pm. Vetting-in for those who bring cats will be at 12 noon, and requires the completion of a show form for the day as well as observance of the 13 day rule. It is hoped the Seminar will be a useful opportunity for Probationer Judges to undertake assessments and to be of interest and value to stewards on the GCCF scheme, as well as to breeders and exhibitors.

Tickets for the Seminar, price £6, can be obtained from Mrs S. Crichton at 25 Colthill Road, Milltimber, Aberdeen AB13 0EF, enclosing a SAE. Cheques and postal orders should be made payable to the Self LH BAC. Admission to the Seminar is free for those bringing cats.
Sharara Crichton, Self LH BAC Secretary