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Can you help Mr Scruffles?

CATS PROTECTION’S Milton Keynes & District branch are appealing for help for one of their long-time rescues who needs a new, loving home. Mr. Scruffles is a medium sized black and white shorthaired male and is about five-years-old.

Branch PR Spokesperson Ali says: ‘He came into our care as an un-neutered male and has done really well. He had been living rough for years, with no one to care for him. He is now very friendly and extremely affectionate. He is a lovely looking cat and quite a character.

‘He has had a thorough check at the vets, has been neutered and has a couple of teeth out and the remainder cleaned.

‘Despite being extremely healthy, he is FIV positive, which basically means that his immune system may become weakened. FIV only involves cats.

It does not pass to other animals and doesn’t pass to humans. Many FIV positive cats lead completely normal lives, but occasionally need treatment with antibiotics as they are slightly more at risk of infection.

‘Because he may need occasional veterinary treatment the Branch is offering to pay bills relating to his FIV.

‘Mr Scruffles has been fully vaccinated against flu, enteritis and FeLV (feline leukaemia) and he is microchipped.

‘Because he does have the virus he needs to be homed as an only cat or with someone who has other FIV positive cats. He appears to get on well with other cats. We are not sure what he is like with dogs, and he would prefer a home with no young children, as he isn’t used to them.

‘Mr. Scruffles is going to be difficult for us to home, and he so deserves a home after years of neglect. He has now been in one of our pens for weeks and really all he wants is to be settled in a new home with people who will love him.

‘Can you offer Mr. Scruffles the home he desperately needs. If you would like to meet him or would like a chat about him please call Karen on 01296 738558.’