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The last Hurtlepuss litter
Last night five gorgeous kittens were born to our queen Hurtlepuss Oriole (a.k.a. Fluffy). The sire is Elizabeth James’ Gr Ch Tahirah Silverfilandre. He is blue-shaded silver, and Fluffy is red. They are both Tiffanies, and so are all the kittens. We have tortie girls, and two red boys.

However, that’s all, folks! Unless there is a really big change of circumstances, there will be no more Hurtlepuss kittens, because I now have heart disease, leading to strokes, causing a drastic loss of energy, strength and co-ordination. I have to cut back in many ways, and the first and most obvious is to reduce the load as far as the cats are concerned.

We shall be very sorry indeed not to be able to continue with this hobby, but I have to face facts, and while I was with Fluffy last night I was left in no doubt I could not do it again. What we would like now is for all the babies to find homes where they will be fully appreciated as the very last of a dynasty, which started in 1988.

We shall also be looking for very special homes for Fluffy’s mother Rua; a red-shaded silver Burmilla, and also for Talullah, whom many people will have seen at the A.C.A. show this year.

She is one year old and a maiden, and we’d simply love her to continue our line in her own new home. Her picture will be on our website very shortly - please contact us if you are interested.

We shall of course keep Kipling (I told Francis that he leaves here over my dead body and he said that could be arranged!) and shall neuter Fluffy and keep her for company.

We hope and intend to continue our interest in the Cat Fancy, and to attend one or two shows at venues close to home.

Many thanks to everyone who has sent us supportive e-mails, etc; they are much appreciated.

Sue Sketch, Hurtlepuss Asians