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By Chris Stalker V.N.

From Beirut to the USA
A recent article on the Daily Vidette Online caught my attention – it really is a remarkable rescue story…

Almost 300 animals left abandoned or wounded in war-torn Beirut when their shelter was bombed were airlifted to the Best Friends’ 1,200-acre sanctuary in Kanab, Utah. From there, the four-footed victims of war were on their way to finding new families.

One of the cats among those rescued was a deaf, white odd-eyed cat called ‘Stone’. He has now found a home with Tom Chambers of Wheaton, who read about the animals on the Internet.
Tom explained, “I’m an animal lover, and it broke my heart when I realised what had happened to those cats and dogs in Beirut,” said Chambers, a director at HFBC Finance in Prospect Heights. “I told Best Friends I was interested in adopting a cat, and I described the type of cat I was looking for.”

Best Friends sent a representative to interview Chambers at his home and eventually Tom agreed to adopt Stone. Best Friends staff member Juliette Watt flew Stone in her private airplane to DuPage Airport in West Chicago, where Chambers picked up his newfound feline friend on November 26th.

During Watt’s two-day trip that took her to seven airports, her cargo included a blind cat, a litter of kittens rescued together from Beirut and a group of feral cats destined for deluxe accommodations in a private barn. She said, “It feels good knowing you are doing something to help these animals.” Best Friends Media Manager Barbara Williamson explained how her organization got involved with saving animals from war-torn Lebanon. “Best Friends already had a relationship with the only animal humane society in Beirut, and as a grassroots group, we wanted to get involved in this project,” she said.

The Stationmaster
A seven-year-old cat named Tama has been named stationmaster at a Japanese railway station. Two other cats were named deputy stationmasters at the unmanned Kishi Station, the Mainichi Daily News reported. The railway pays the cats in food.

Breeders & Veterinary Seminar
The Novice Breeders Advice Group have organised a seminar to be held on 12th May 2007 at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College, Chalfont St Giles, Nr. Amersham, Buckinghamshire. This year’s seminar is aiming to provide up-to-date advice and information on recent research undertaken and to be undertaken towards providing answers in the eradication of Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP).

The itinerary will include presentations by:

Dr Susan Little

Dr Little has been in feline practice for over 10 years with her main areas of interest being cattery medicine, feline reproduction and management of stray and feral cat populations. She bred and exhibited pedigree cats for 15 years and currently sits on the Health Committee of the Cat Fanciers’ Association, and is currently President of the Winn Feline Foundation.

Dr Leslie Lyons

Dr Lyons works for UC Davis University in the USA and has a strong interest in genetics of companion animals. She is currently undertaking genetic research into FIP in Birmans with the hope of identifying a marker in that breed.

Dr Danièlle Gunn-Moore

Danièlle first spent a year in small animal practice, before joining The Feline Centre at the University of Bristol as the Feline Advisory Bureau Scholar. After that she held the Duphar Feline Fellowship, then completed a PhD study into Feline Infectious Peritonitis. She is now the Senior Lecturer in Feline Medicine and Head of the Feline Clinic at the School of Veterinary Medicine in Edinburgh.

Mrs Vicky Halls

Vicky Halls is a qualified Veterinary Nurse and has worked closely with cats since 1988 in rescue centres and veterinary practice. In 1998 she became a member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors and now consults mainly in London and the Home Counties, dealing with the high demand for her specialist cat behaviour counselling.

Vicky’s first book, the bestselling Cat Confidential, was published in 2003. Cat Detective and Cat Counsellor have now been published and will no doubt be equal successes. These will be available at the seminar.

Miss Valentina Koulagina and Anatoli Krassavine

Valentina and Toly are very talented photographers based in Oxfordshire and have considerable experience in photographing cats. They have had their photographs featured in Cat World and have also gained awards in photographic circles.

Costs for the day are: NBA Founder Members £26.50, NBA Ordinary Members £29.00 and Non-Members £33.50, including lunch and refreshments. There is a limited amount of accommodation available on site, costing in the region of £14.00 per night incl. bed linen, but self-catering. Breakfast can be arranged for a small cost. Please enquire for further details.
For a booking form, please contact:

Mrs M Owen, 43 Grymsdyke, Prestwood, Gt Missenden, Bucks. HP16 0LP. Tel. 01494 864973
Email goldlay@gmail.com Or see www.nbacatclub.co.uk or www.nba-catclub.co.uk

Cat Horoscopes
Ever wonder what your cat’s star sign says about him/her? If you have, then see www.kittens-lair.net This is a super website, full of fascinating cat facts, humour and much more!

The Goat Cat
December 22 - January 19

The Capricorn Cat is ambitious, reliable, cautious, and wise. Capricorn cats are excessively persistent when it comes to accomplishment. They possess keen intuition and normally use this to achieve independence and security. They are steady and sure-footed and can stay put on nearly any surface. They have an extreme capacity for hard play and great faith in themselves.

They are worldly, careful, and rarely seek help. They prefer to suffer through and make it on their own efforts. They are the grand masters of moderation. More sensitive than one would think, they need to feel appreciated in all facets of life. They are generous but practical with those they love. The Capricorn Cat gives only what is felt to be necessary.

The Male Capricorn Cat is persistent in all things. He absolutely will not take no for an answer. He will break down any resistance and never go away empty-pawed. Love and kindness from his human is necessary to his life. He finds it most difficult to accept criticism.

The Female Capricorn Cat is not easy to figure out and has a tendency to turn off and on quite frequently. In actuality she is afraid of being with the wrong human. When she is sure she’s found the right one, she will be true to the end and do anything for her human as long as all her own needs are met. She likes to keep busy, and life is quite serious to her. She takes excellent care of herself and tries to stay neat and clean. She totally loves to be complimented by the human in her life.

Capricorn is an earth and cardinal sign ruled by the planet Saturn. The Capricorn colour is green.
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