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China hails ‘super fat cat’

A recent article on A LEADING Chinese newspaper has hailed news of what it calls “a Super Fat Cat”, claiming that the cat will bring glory to the nation by being pronounced the fattest cat in the world.

According to the People’s Daily Online, the cat – which apparently has no name, as none is quoted – weighs in at a staggering 17 kilograms and has been raised by Xu Jirong, a citizen of Qingdao, a coastal city in east China’s Shandong Province.

The news report reads enthusiastically: “This super-fat cat has lived in Xu’s family for ten years. It has lived for the equivalent of 70 human years. Its “waist” measures around 86.7 centimetres, wider than a girl’s.

Xu Jinong with his super fat cat

“Xu said that the cat can’t lower its head to eat because of its weight now. He has to use a plank to raise the cat’s bowl. In winter, the cat needs to be covered with a quilt; in summer, it needs to be covered with towel. Just like a human, it sleeps on its back and needs a pillow.

“At least 10 journalists representing media from all over the world have called at Xu’s house for interview. Moreover, more than 100 media outlets have reported on the super-fat cat, making it an international star.”

Citizen Xu seems a little bemused by all the attention his overweight pet has been receiving and is quoted as saying: “The most interesting thing I have received is a protest letter from a person in Florida, USA, last year. The person urged me to help my cat lose weight and not to spoil it anymore,”

The Daily adds: “A photo of Mr. Xu and his fat cat was attached to the letter. It is clear that the writer is angry. The cat likes meat but doesn’t eat fish. It eats one steamed roll and half a bowl of chicken hearts and some pork every day.”

Certainly, if such a cat were to be found in the West, animal welfare agencies would express serious concern for its health. In the UK, the RSPCA would almost certainly take the cat into care and launch a prosecution as it did recently with a grossly overweight Labrador owned by two elderly brothers.

Xu says that it is impossible for him to help the cat lose weight. He tried to reduce its food, but apparently this makes the cat bad-tempered to the extent that it scratches visitors and urinates all over the house in protest.

The Daily concludes in somewhat confused style: “According to the record, the world’s fattest cat is in the USA and weighs 18.55 kilograms. Xu’s cat is a pet cat and it may well be the fattest pet cat in the world.”

Still, it just goes to show that all the Fat Cats aren’t to be found in Capitalist countries!