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Well, you lucky people, you’ve got me in the Hot Seat again this issue, as Managing Director Vince has been grabbing some well deserved rays on the sunny Costa Packet. It’s tough being Management, but I have it on good authority that Vince successfully managed to fend off a number of German tourists and nab the sun lounger by chucking their towels in the pool, so he deserves a good holiday for that feat alone!

Pictured with her BIS winner at the Shropshire Cat Club show is Judge Mrs Mary Kalal with the Turkish Van Adult, GR CH AKDAMAR SEMAVIRUYA, owned and bred by Mrs Joyce Johnson from Bradford. On the left is Show Manager Mrs Di North and on the far right the Joint Show Manager, Mrs Janet Tonkinson. Congratulations to the Johnson family from OUR CATS... more rosettes and trophies for the trophy cupboard!

Mick and Gill Coomer and HP Judge Pena Meakin (centre) from Bella Penning.

Talking of sun, what about this mild winter? Blame it on Global Warming and all that. Well, I have to chuckle – every few days I do a trawl of my daily newspapers and cut out various stories of interest for possible back reference. I couldn’t help but be amused by my daily paper’s take on the weather situation. At the beginning of January, they predicted Arctic Conditions, because it was colder than usual. A few days later, it was Early Spring because it was warmer than usual. Then we had a couple of cold days and some snow in various parts of the country and we were all Going To Perish In A New Ice Age (or something like that).

In the last week of the month, it was the Second Hottest January Since the beginning of Recorded Time (or since 1916 or something). As I write this we’re now in the few mild days of February, but a cold snap is forecast with Temperatures of –14 C and We’re all Going To Freeze In Another New Ice Age (Again). Oh, and let’s not forget the Public Inquiry Needed On Princess Diana Death Crash.

All I know is, these changing temperatures play havoc with my cats’ fur – they don’t know whether to grow their spring coats or keep their winter ones! Either way I get fur all over the carpet, the furniture and in the cathouses. I blame Global Warming myself. Or Tony Blair.
On a far more serious note, there has been some real news from the USA to keep abreast of this month, although funnily enough, not that many newspapers here in the UK – or even in the US for that matter – are keeping up with it.

It’s the trial of two employees of the ‘animal welfare’ group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), who stand accused on various charges of animal cruelty and illegal dumping, by taking unwanted cats and dogs from animal shelters in North Carolina and then euthanizing them without even attempting to find them homes.

According to the evidence, there never was going to be any such attempts made either.

OUR CATS makes no apology for devoting our front page to this harrowing account, the full reported facts of which speak for themselves. As I write these words, the trial enters its tenth day and the jury are due to be asked to consider their verdicts.

We may not have a 100% perfect animal welfare system in this country, and the major charities such as the RSPCA, Cat Protection and Dogs Trust all come in for their fair share of flak at times, but at least we’re spared this kind of gruesome scenario whereby supposed animal welfare workers kill perfectly healthy, adoptable animals and then dispose of their bodies in a dumpster behind a grocery store.

OUR CATS will, of course, report on the remainder of the trial and the verdict in our next issue, but let’s just hope, for the sake of those poor animals, which included a mother cat and her two kittens - her other kittens had been successfully rehomed by the animal shelter from which PETA took her- that justice is done.

Nick Mays, Chief Reporter