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A MOUSE got sweet revenge when a cat who was chasing it got its head stuck in the jam jar the mouse was hiding in.

Confused cat Mindy was seen wandering down a road in Peterborough with the jar on her head - the tiny mouse just millimetres away from her jaws.

A worried motorist took her to a police station where officers unsuccessfully tried to ease the jar off Mindy’s neck.

Eventually, the tabby smashed the jar on the floor of the station, releasing herself and the mouse unharmed.

A police spokeswoman said: “It was like a scene from Tom and Jerry.”
As Mindy was microchipped, animal charity the RSPCA were able to trace and reunite her with her owner. A vet also checked her over and found she was unharmed by the ordeal.

Meanwhile, the fortunate field mouse scurried off into a nearby police cell. The spokeswoman added: “It’s still running around Thorpe Wood police station somewhere.”

A case of much-needed protective custody perhaps?