Our Cats Shop

Rhyme or Reason


My Mum bought a tree for the festive season,
She pointed at me for no apparent reason,
She said, “Stay away this isn’t for playing!!
You jumped on last year’s and that started swaying,
It fell on the floor the presents went with it,
And the in-laws were due for their annual visit”.

Now Mum is cooking what a great smell!
Hmmm will she share it? You never can tell!
I’m so busy playing with streamers and a ball,
(M. Ellis, Bolton)

A Kitten’s CV

Cute as a button kittens – looking for a home
We can come in pairs – or we can come on our own.

Our needs are small – we don’t ask for much
A few kind words – a gentle touch.

Like well-behaved kids – of that there’s no doubt,
No fighting, no screaming – we don’t even shout,
And we wouldn’t have our mates round – while you were out.

We don’t wander round – with our head in the clouds
And we never play music – extremely loud.

Hygiene is important – it has to be said,
So we won’t hide dirty laundry – under the bed.

We’ll keep ourselves clean and tidy – that’s only fair,
But we may need a little help – with combing our hair

So if you’d like to have us – just give us a call
And we’ll have our bags packed – in no time at all!!!
(J. Colin, Chatham)