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Stray cat saved from wheelie bin

A CAT was found abandoned in rubbish sack, placed in a wheelie bin with a rope round its neck and weighed down with a brick.

RSPCA staff say the distressed animal was brought to its shelter in Redcross Street, Rochdale last Saturday afternoon by a woman from the Kirkholt district who had been alerted to the cat’s plight by a group of children.

Assistant manager Stacey Barlow said: “Local children heard a noise coming from a wheelie bin and this lady went to have a look inside.

“The cat was in a bin bag and had a skipping rope tied round its neck, attached to a brick. She kept it overnight and then brought it to us the following afternoon.”

Branch spokesman David Canavan said: “The cat, which is quite old, had been in the bin a number of days. We took it straight to the vet and now it’s safe, warm and recovering with us.”
Stacey added: “She’s a lovely cat and very affectionate, but very thin – almost skin and bone. We’ll try and build her up.”

The offer of a home for the cat, a white shorthair, has been made already.

Mr Canavan added: “It’s only with the support of animal-lovers in Rochdale that we can help these animals. The vet’s bill for attending this was over £100 – costs really do mount up.”