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Behaviourists get together with FAB

Following the success of its feline expert panel, the Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB) has joined forces with top UK feline behaviourists to form the FAB feline behaviour expert panel.

The behaviour panel will meet several times a year to combine expertise and work on a wide range of cat behaviour issues.

The first meeting of the FAB Behaviour Expert Panel. From the left are Francesca Riccomini, Kim Horsford, Vicky Halls, Peter Neville, Jenna Kiddie, Sarah Heath, Roger Tabor, Claire Bessant and Jon Bowen.

Its expertise will also be sought by the feline expert panel - for example, in expanding information in the FAB’s Cat Friendly Practice campaign - and by groups such as the Cat Group for which FAB is secretariat.

‘At FAB we work to gather and share expertise in all aspects of feline health and care,’ said FAB Chief Executive, Claire Bessant. ‘As behaviour impacts all areas of cat welfare, the formation of the new panel fills a vital role.’

Current members are: Daniel Mills, Francesca Riccomini, Jenna Kiddie, Jon Bowen, Peter Neville, Robert Falconer-Taylor, Roger Tabor, Sarah Heath and Vicky Halls, with Claire Bessant and Kim Horsford from FAB.

The group has a lively and original approach and when asked by FAB which colour they would like their panel logo to be, they replied ‘tabby’ which is indeed what has been done.
More information on the work of FAB can be found at www.fabcats.org