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Muriel Calder

IT WAS with great sadness that I heard the news of the death of Muriel. I first met Muriel as an exhibitor and later I had the opportunity to steward for her. An expert tutor she was.

Further down the line I had the privilege to sit on the Executive Committee as the same time as Muriel. I am sure others will give full details of Muriel’s years as a breeder/exhibitor, and her involvement in the breed clubs. It is on behalf of the GCCF office, and her association with the staff as the GCCF’s Veterinary Officer that I write.

For many years, Muriel carried out this role with compassion and understanding. I am sure those of you who had dealings with her will endorse this. With her sense of humour and fair play, and the ability to “pour oil on troubled water”, always having the time and a wonderful sensibility and desire to help, endeared her to all the staff at Bridgwater.

Muriel was Chairman of the Veterinary Sub-Committee all these years, and with her close association with the veterinary profession, she kept the Cat Fancy abreast of any new changes.

My condolence goes to all Muriel’s family - she really was a wonderful lady.
Betty Shingleton, Chairman GCCF

IT WAS with great sadness that Sue Moreland and I, together with the rest of the Veterinary Sub-Committee, recently heard that Muriel Calder had died.

She was a great lady and will not only be missed by Members of the Cat Fancy, who remember her chiefly as a judge, but by us, as a veterinary surgeon, a fact that many members of the Cat Fancy did not realise.

She was GCCF Veterinary Officer for many years and was a great support to me when I was appointed as her successor. She maintained an interest in the activities of the Committee and each year, after our annual meeting, it was a pleasant task for me to phone her for a chat. She always wanted to know how things were going.

I am sad that I shall no longer be doing this.
One memory that I have of her, and other people will recall, was when we celebrated one of her big birthdays many years ago at the National.

Grace Pond had arranged a party for her with a fabulous cake. The party began in Grace’s office before vetting-in was completed, and I believe did not end until after the show was finished.

She will long be remembered by many, as she did so much to help everybody who came into contact with her in any way whatsoever, and although failing eyesight curtailed her activities in her later years, she did her best not to let it do so.
Heather Briggs