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When your pets bring the outdoors indoors keep your home smelling sweetly

OUR CATS have teamed up with Aerstream, the company behind Cleanaer. Five lucky readers will have the chance to win this revolutionary air cleansing device that helps remove animal dander and odours from the atmosphere, leaving behind a gentle fragrance.

No matter how hard we try to keep our beloved dogs and cats smelling of roses, sometimes itís beyond our control - particularly at this time of year when our furry friends end up with soggy and smelly coats. The smell can really linger for days around the home. Cleanaer removes the odour rather than masking it to leave the home smelling clean and fresh.

Cleanaer retails at £29.99, and is available from www.cleanaer.com/products.asp To be in with a chance of winning, just send in your name and address by e-mail to editorial@ourcats.co.uk with Cleanaer Competition as the subject, or send your details on a postcard to:

OUR CATS Cleanaer Competition, 1 Lund Street, Trafford Park, Manchester M16 9EJ.

Competition closes 9th March 2007.

Cleanaer - it really does work!

I DECIDED to try out the Cleanaer system having been recommended it by a friend. Having two Staffordshire Bull Terriers and a cat which live in the house, I sometimes find that ordinary air freshening systems don’t always do what they claim... or else they do and make me sneeze for hours after spraying them!

The Cleanaer appealed to me for three reasons: firstly the fact that it claimed to mask pet odours completely and secondly, that it could help people who suffer from allergies, and I really do sneeze a lot, just ask my workmates! and thirdly that it is 100 per cent environmentally friendly.

The system is easy to assemble, requiring two batteries (which are included), and I had the whole thing up and running within five minutes. So, where to put it? My initial thought was to put it in the room where my dogs and cat mainly live: they all love the outdoors and often come back from their jaunts with the remnants of many interesting (and smelly) bits and pieces that they have come across. Then we have Misty (the cat), who loves his fish, and we all know what that can do to a room!

Eventually I placed the Cleanaer in the kitchen...and it really does work. Every couple of minutes it produces a fine spray (completely invisible to the naked eye), and the fresh smell around the entire house is fantastic.

It’s really subtle (unlike many air fresheners) and yes, it has had a noticeable effect on my sneezing, which is a relief for me and all those who have to listen to me!

Easy to buy refills for, just check out the website www.cleanaer.com for the range of aromas, I would seriously recommend this product as a way of keeping pet smells (and sneezing) at bay!
Ali Smith