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from Our Cats Newspaper - Issue 23/02/07
On the Road with Our Cats
Royal Canin Points
UK’s Rabies Laws to be overhauled?
Editors Desk
Cats affected by bird flu outbreak
Behaviourists get together with FAB
New tax proposal threatens cat exhibitors
When your pets bring the outdoors indoors keep your home smelling sweetly
Beloved pets set in stone
Charities join forces for National Neuter Awareness Day
Can you give a little love?
Club News
PETA workers found guilty... of littering
On the Prowl with Nick Mays
Dead cats dumped in garden
BREEDERS PROFILE Conducted by Emma Matthews
Blind cats used in ‘bionic eye’ research
THE CHINCHILLA - Aristocrat of the Feline Fancy - by Evelyn Langston
PAT Cat of the Month