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New Year, New Home
Guest Editorial by Nick Mays, Chief Reporter

And so to 2007…

Well, here we are again then – another Christmas over and done with, and another brand spanking New Year underway. I hope you and your furry families had an enjoyable festive season (it seems such a long time ago now!). My mogs certainly enjoyed themselves – they had plenty of wrapping paper and boxes to dive in and out of on Christmas Day and then of course there was the favourite parlour (or rather kitchen) game of “Snaffle-The-Turkey-While-He’s-Not-Looking”.

Actually, I’m better at that game than the cats are and thwarted their combined efforts to snatch Christmas dinner, but they did get the giblets as a consolation prize for trying so hard. And this year, only one cat (a certain naughty Tortie named Toerag) was nearly conveyed to the dustbin concealed in a discarded box full of wrapping paper. She’s lucky I didn’t decide to make a bonfire of it!

I’m not sure many of the cats were very enamoured of Ben’s 12” remote-controlled Dalek which, at his behest, tried to exterminate them at every opportunity, but at least he’s back at school now, so the house is a relatively Dalek (and kid) free zone most of the time.

Anyway, it’s traditional at the beginning of a New Year to think of fresh starts, although more often than not things plod along just as they always have done.

But this year, things are changing! I’m writing the Editorial as Vince is busy hefting packing cases (or more likely busy directing other people hefting packing cases - he is the MD after all!) as OUR CATS, along with its sister paper OUR DOGS, is on the move!

As it happens, we’re not going far and, in a sense, the Our Dogs Publishing Company is ‘coming home’ - just up the road in Old Trafford to brand new, purpose-built premises. Of course, OUR CATS is still pretty much the ‘new kid on the block’ as far as the company is concerned, having been part of the operation since 1981, whilst OUR DOGS has been in production since 1895.

In fact, in 112 years, the company has only had three homes; Gore Street, near London Road (now Piccadilly) station from 1895 until 1909, after which it moved to 4 Albert Square (no, not Walford – still Manchester) and then finally in March 1921 when it came to Oxford Road Station Approach. In fact, the editorial address for OUR CATS is – or was – technically the correct address for OUR DOGS; 5 James Leigh Street, Manchester.

Anyway, from 12 January, our new address will be 1 Lund Street, Trafford Park, Manchester, M16 9EJ, full details of which can be found on page 15 in this issue.

Wherever we operate from though, OUR CATS will continue to bring you unrivalled cat show news and information, judges’ reports and show reports, all prepared by our hardworking and dedicated Editorial and reporting team.

Happy New Year!

Cats Protection Trustee awarded MBE

A Trustee of the UK’s leading feline welfare charity, Cats Protection, has been awarded an MBE for her dedication to feline welfare.

Eleanor Walls has been a volunteer for Cats Protection for 18 years and, during that time, has helped thousands of unwanted and abandoned cats and kittens get a second chance in life. She is Co-ordinator of the charity’s Croydon Branch and also served as Chairman of the charity for three years until November 2005.

Eleanor, from Purley in Surrey, said: ‘I am delighted to have been awarded this honour but see it not only as a personal achievement but as recognition for the wonderful work carried out by all the volunteers and staff at Cats Protection. We rehome around 60,000 cats and kittens every year and I am personally very proud of what we achieve for cats all over the UK’.

Cats Protection is the UK’s leading feline welfare charity, made up of 29 Centres and 261 voluntary-run Branches. More information about the work of the charity can be found at www.cats.org.uk

Corrections & Apologies

Please convey my sincere apologies to Mrs Mawson, re. my report on her kitten, FINIKA PRINCE CASPIAN (64 31t), judged at the Yorkshire County Cat Club Show on 28th October, placed 1st and BOB and reported upon in OUR CATS, 29th December (Issue 1106).

My report read: ‘Body has good length and promising triangular shape’, which, obviously should have been RECTANGULAR shape.

As I have acknowledged previously, any cat with a triangular body shape would look extremely odd.
John H. Hansson

Sue Lorton-Hobbs would like to apologise for the omission of the following critique from an Open Class at Yorkshire.
Red Spotted Neuter

1st (PC & BOB W/H) Cropper’s Purrade Red Comanche 21.10.05 - Very immature lad for his age I am afraid. His head needs to be more rounded and he has large ears that are very wide at base too, tending to hold them a little upright. He has beautiful copper coloured and expressive eyes but they are not quite fully rounded, his nose is nice and short and the bite is level but his chin slopes back and muzzle is rather squared off with cheeks yet to fill properly for balance.

His head is out of balance with his body and he needs more muscle development for his age though he is quite a good weight. His coat is long and soft, lacking in density I am afraid too. The spots are very linked and lined up, in fact appearing almost mackerel in places so they need to separate much more if he is going to be correct for his breed.

He is a pleasing rich red and his ground is good too and even though his expression is very sweet he really needs some time to develop more.

Robert Fox (Photographer)

OUR CATS and Hills Official Photographer at GCCF Shows, also Official Photographer of Champion & Grand Champion Winners at shows for Royal Canin, will be attending the following:

28/01/07 - VIKING CAT CLUB (FB)

Telephone 01323 484282 - www.photopaws.co.uk


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