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PAT Cat of the Month

Tom Quartz

Tom Quartz, our first Maine Coon. As a kitten he certainly lived up to being a ‘ Redhead’. Wicked from the beginning, he jumped out of our bedroom window once and fell out. He chased after anything he could find and carried frogs and worms indoors and believe me, as an animal lover, the worms in the Herefordshire countryside are HUGE. Hard to imagine that he could change.

As he got through adolescence he settled and became the ‘Gentle Giant’ most Maine Coons are. His younger brother Jefferson (Uncle Remus) arrived when he was two. Having read about Pets As Therapy I thought maybe these two would make suitable PAT cats. They passed the temperament assessment with flying colours and now both visit local Care Homes.

Tom takes to residents quite happily and he is especially dear to one elderly lady who is totally blind. She has him on her lap and strokes and kisses him and I’m sure he knows he’s special. Different people seek different things from him.

Some just love to watch him walk around while others want to hold this enormous fluffy bundle. Many people talk about the pets they’ve had in the past and it can be very therapeutic for them. My husband Roy and I always come away feeling very moved and humble by the whole experience. Long may it carry on.
Carol Williams

Pets As Therapy volunteer
If you would like to register your cat as a PAT Cat please contact Pets As Therapy on – 0870-977-0003 or go to the website www.petsastherapy.org