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Charity News - Lincoln Cat Care - (January News)

Well it was certainly another busy year for us. Thanks to the generosity of the public continuing to support us we managed to spend £39,000 with veterinary practices in the county. We managed to neuter nearly 300 cats, paid for 34 major operations, seven amputations and ten broken legs.

The saddest figure as far as we are concerned is the 34 cats that we paid to be put to sleep. I know that most of these cats would have been suffering under some hedge but it still feels a failure that they were allowed to get to that condition before they were reported.
On the bright side well over 400 cats are now in new loving homes, many of these kittens or older or infirm. There are homes out there for every cat, it just takes a little longer because of the high numbers waiting.

Thanks to everyone who came to our Christmas Fayre at the Birchwood Scout Hut, we raised over £800. Thanks must also go to the helpers who work throughout the year making these events possible and a success. The ladies are currently working from two lock-ups with no heating or lighting and no shelter from the rain. Hopefully, thanks to a legacy from Pauline, one of our long-serving helpers who sadly passed away, we are hoping to lease a proper lock-up with facilities. More news on that later.

Events coming up in the next few weeks are:-

20th Jan our January Jamboree at St Botolph’s Church Hall, Saxilby from 10am until 2pm.

27th Jan. A Coffee Morning at the Central Library from 10am until 1pm.

10th Feb. A coffee Morning at Boultham Park Library from 9am until 12-30pm.

Do try to pop in if you can.

Just prior to Christmas we were asked to help a poorly cat and on examination by the vet it was found to be suffering from anti-freeze poisoning. This is a particularly nasty way to die and survival, although possible, is not always likely. We had cases of this a few years ago when the formula was changed. Please, if you keep anti-freeze make sure it is in a sealed container.

Likewise if your car leaks anti-freeze try to wash it off and get the leak checked.

It’s nice to report that Brenda, one of our sorting ladies, and June, a lovely lady who donates food, both seem to be well again after bouts of illness. Keep improving ladies!

A really big thank you to everyone that supported our work during 2006 and please try to maintain it during 2007. I wish everyone out there the best year that it’s possible to have.