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Cat owners concerned for pets’ health

BRITONS CAN dismiss any notion that we are a nation of worrying hypochondriacs - new research has revealed that we are more concerned about the health of our pets than our own ailments.
The study, conducted by pet food manufacturer Purina ONE, asked 5,500 cat owners about their attitudes to health and discovered that over a third of UK cat owners would wait for at least 24 hours to see if their own illness passed before calling the doctor. But in contrast, if their cat was experiencing any signs of ill health, a whopping 96 per cent of respondents revealed that they would call or visit their vet straight away.

In fact, most pet owners do not even wait for symptoms - two thirds of owners (64 per cent) proudly admitted that they take their cat to the vet for regular check ups, no matter whether he/she is sick or injured. Small wonder then, that 100% of respondents questioned knew the full name of their vet!

When it comes to our own ailments though, 73 per cent of us will only go to the doctors when very sick or injured - a whopping 32 per cent of those asked revealed that they prefer to simply self help with NHS Direct and the Internet when ill.

Stephanie Theobald, Senior Brand Manager on Purina ONE, commented: ‘Our survey revealed that 100 per cent of cat owners in the UK consider their cat to be an important part of the family - and actually worry about their pet’s health much more than their own. Cat ownership is on the increase in the UK, as cats complement our modern lifestyles and become increasingly important to their dedicated owners. It’s therefore important for us to make sure cats receive the correct nutritional care and physical and mental exercise to minimise trips to the vet and maximise their long, healthy and happy life with us.’