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Let it Snow, let it Snow, at the Show!

AND snow it did! In fact the 2006 Supreme Cat Show could have been Olympia, as we were certainly “horse” at the end of the day from all the Snowshoe enquiries and questions we answered.

Yet again in the judging rings the Snowshoes did exceptionally well this year, with a total of six cats earning their Merits, but, best of all, were the wonderful critiques written by the judges and the smiles on their faces when handling these beautiful and gentle cats.

The six Merit winners this year were Coldenufforsnow Irocroix and Advish Ice-maiden, owned by Miss Mollie Southall; Snowcats My Blue Heaven and Advish Warrior, owned by Mrs Chris Thompson; Spinning Bobsleigh, owned by Mrs Janet Ryan, and Razzledazzle Sapphire, owned by Paula and Mark Rossi.

Also, we had three stunning examples of Snowshoes on exhibition on Club Row, which gained so, so much attention from the wonderful cat-loving visitors to the Supreme.

These cats were a “too cute to be true” Blue Tabby Point Kitten, Coldenufforsnow Kanik, aged seven-months, and Arctic-Moon Bathsheba, a wonderful nine-and-a-half year-old lady in her prime, and enjoying life to the full!, both owned by Miss Mollie Southall, and my handsome boy, Quartus Maximus, a two-and-a-half year-old Blue Bi-colour Neuter.

Each of the exhibition cats gained a 2006 SCS rosette, and my boy, Max, won a lovely “Visitors Choice” rosette, which made his day!

Also, we gave a rosette for the “Best Snowshoe Decorated Pen” which was won by Amourous Angels Holly, owned by Paula and Mark Rossi.

All in all, the interest and admiration we received for the Snowshoes this year was immense - we were all exhausted by the end of the day, but it’s all worth it so this wonderful and rare cat can continue to do well at shows and become known to cat-lovers all over the world.

As I have always told people, I could never be without my intelligent and amusing blue-eyed friends!

We hope to see you all at next years Supreme!

Advish Ice-Maiden, 8 months old Blue Point Preferred Pattern Female Snowshoe.

Coldenufforsnow Irocroix, 8 months old Seal Point Preferred Pattern Female Snowshoe.

Coldenufforsnow Kanik, 7 months old Blue Tabby Point & White Male Snowshoe.