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Cat knifed to death

A CARLISLE couple have been left distraught after finding their nine-year-old pet cat disembowelled in a field.

David Foster, 44, and his wife Marie, 42, believe their cat Pepzi which survived the Carlisle flood two years ago, was killed with a knife by someone with a grudge against all cats.

They found the body of their beloved tabby cat one Sunday, three weeks ago.

It had been dumped in a field next to their garden fence, off the Caldewgate area. It had been slit along its belly, said David yesterday.

The couple are so distressed that they are now afraid to let their two surviving cats go out.
David said:

“I’ve seen cats which have been savaged by dogs, and this is definitely not what happened.

“There were no claw marks on its face and it had definitely not been killed by a dog. It’s eyes were open and it had been slit along the belly. My mate had to climb over the fence to get Pepzi, and he said there was no blood on the grass.”

“Pepzi was a very friendly and clever cat and could open doors by himself. After the flood two years ago, he disappeared for a long while, but then we found him hiding in a shed wet and cold. We’re devastated by this.

“My wife was hysterical. We have two surviving cats, Misty and Lucky, called that because my wife had to start his heart again when he was born. Now, we’re scared to let them both out .”
Police have been informed about the attack. The Fosters also intend contacting the RSPCA.

Mr Foster said he has spoken to a witness who claims to have identified a man who killed the cat, but so far he has no proof. He added:

“It’s very upsetting for us: when I’ve gone to Pepzi’s grave I’ve cried.”

The incident is the latest in recent years involving cruelty to cats in the Carlisle area. In Harraby, one city councillor called for tighter controls on airguns after yobs took pot shots at cats.