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Let’s hear it for the Crazy Cat Lady...

STEREOTYPES ABOUND in this world of ours. Any teenager wearing a hooded top or a baseball cap is immediately a yob in need of an ASBO, a journalist is always a seedy, disreputable type who’s only motivation in life is “a story” and single ladies who end up as old maids seem to have an unnatural attraction to cats, being some sort of patron saint for our feline friends. Is this what our viewpoints are that they cannot be changed?

Well, there is now a desktop toy available that enforces the last stereotype since it comes in the form of a Crazy Cat Lady. Yes, the name isn’t too endearing either, so let’s read on more about her and her meowing friends after the jump.
One must look upon the Crazy Cat Lady with sympathy and not sneer at her. After all, she probably has had her life controlled by these cats already, with her larder being stocked to the brim with premium cat food, her clothes being hole-ridden due to her pets’ clawing sessions, while cat motifs adorn nearly every curtain and cushion cover in her home.

Chances are, she’s attracted a fair number of guys during her younger days, but decided to dump them as either her cats could not stand his scent or vice versa. All those heartbreaks probably made her ‘differently sane’, (or maybe actually seeing that cats are better company than human beings),which probably explains why she’s got an orange and white furred cat living out of her right trenchcoat pocket.

The Crazy Cat Lady is a desktop toy that features half a dozen separate cats of various breeds, with one of them hiding just under her lush, blonde hair. The Cat Lady herself stands tall at 14cm x 5cm x 3cm, while each individual cat measures 5cm x 3.5cm x 1.5cm (approximately).

The entire set retails for £9.95 and is a great gift to any of your girlfriends (or boyfriends, come to that) whom you think might actually take their feline obsession too far.

And let’s be really honest here – we all know someone who’s a bit like this, don’t we?
* Website: www.coolest-gadgets.com/ 20070628/crazy-cat-lady-for-your-desk/