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Gr Ch & Int Gr Pr Cadifee Dotsabracken
19.06.1995 – 30.05.2007

(Ch Wellmar Blackmail x Gr Ch & Gr Pr Kernmere Silver Lining)


It seems 2007 is to be much the same as the mixed year of 1995. On April 2nd 1995, my ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Persee (Trufee Perses) had arrived and on June 19th he was joined by his best friend, Dotty and this was a friendship that really was never to be broken.

Dotty was a super kitten and everybody’s friend; her show career began with an accolade at the Cheshire of BOV: were dreams really to become true? Indeed they were - six shows and six CCs. Her first attempt, made much too young, at the grand failed, but later in between litters she made Gr Ch, two certificates being from the Supreme and with competition!

Dotty had three litters, but would NOT kitten without Persee at her side, and he cared for the kittens as the subsequent litter members arrived. Meggie (Ch Cadifee Spekilimegdalana) stayed from the first and Bracken (Int Gr Ch Cadifee Bracken Lad) from the second. Grandkittens and Great-Grandkittens are also following in her example including the black boys.

When neutered, the progress was just a little slower, but once underway she was soon made up, and, thanks to Roy Barraclough’s encouragement began her Irish career, progressing to Pr & Int Gr Pr in six GCFFI shows. She claimed BOV several times, and even a few BIS. She was also a regular attendee at the ‘Bingley.’

Dotty had a few medical scares; for years she was successfully treated homoeopathically for her allergic rhinitis, and at one point had ‘human’ shingles in her eye treated successfully with the then experimental drops from Moorfield’s itself (cats, they discovered, need a double length course!)

Later two mammary tumours were removed. Once her dam, Kiselle died in August 2006, Dotty seemed much quieter, and even had abdominal surgery in December; yet in spite of gradual weight loss seemed otherwise reasonably well. The early spring saw Dotty and Persee relaxing on the garden steps in the sunshine a few times.

Then at 4.15pm on Whit Monday after about ten days slowing down, Persee died with Dotty watching at a distance. She joined the other animals in their abeyance to Persee, and then retuned to her perch. She had not been 100% for some weeks and unusually her appetite had reduced, but now the energy had gone and intake was nil. Dotty always came for a cuddle when I reached the bathroom every morning, but for the last three days she kept away. On Wednesday, May 30th (Bracken’s ninth birthday) we realized she was ready to go, and that decision had to be made.

Special thanks to Kevan Judge, our special vet, who has her litter brother and vet nurse Diane who were with Dotty and myself at the last.

To every judge who gave Dotty certificates, other wins, and the many accolades - Thank you. There are others now to continue the line, especially the younger Cadifee show team: Domnina (Donna) and Dorotheus (Dorrie). Over the years Dotty played with them all as kittens and also made sure they behaved.

PERSEE - an honorary ‘cat’
1995 was a mixed year, but among the good things were the arrivals of Trufee puppies on April 2nd and Cadifee kittens on June 19th. Prior problems meant Mum, Maddy (Trufee Media), would not have another litter and there were only boys - one little lad stood out, not just as the only ruby, but also as the most affectionate and gorgeous - Persee (Trufee Perses) was here, and in June was joined by his best feline friend, Dotty (a.k.a. Gr Ch & Int Gr Pr Cadifee Dotsabracken) and this was a friendship that was never broken. He first found notice winning photographic competitions as a puppy and more later, often with ‘his cats.’

Bingley 1995 - and guess who was at his first cat show! - like his Grandfather Jason, a black & tan, before him Persee loved the car, the countryside and just ‘being with Mum’ - he watched at every show to see the rosettes arrive in the car, and seemed to smile when the feline results were good. The others get outings in the car, but Persee had to be out when bitches were in season, etc. - but, of course, they all go to family outings and dog shows: sometimes Kennel Club & GCCF events took place near each other. Indeed, in 1996 Persee had some good places at Bingley.

Persee had a reasonable canine show career, with one Ch. Show Veteran first and a few lower placings; he was often placed in the ‘ruby’ classes as well as nearly always getting placed, at least, at most other dog shows. On his fifth birthday he made his first BOB just at the time he had been born. Recently he has claimed the Keighley Veteran trophy on points for three consecutive years as well as reserve overall points winner. He and Hetty have had several brace accolades.

Persee adored his puppies, but more so his kittens - Dotty would NOT kitten without him at her side, and he cared for the kittens as the subsequent litter members arrived. If a kitten escaped it was gently carried back and put with the right queen.

Persee was a good stud dog and Hetty (Trufee Hera) is here to prove the legacy goes on. She has several feline ‘mates’ but especially Nutmeg, wee Georgie and Soprano.
All kittens claimed Persee’s attention and last year, Donna (Cadifee Domnina) made him her special friend.

Many knew Persee at the cat shows and he loved his trips to Dublin, staying in the Travelodge and walking with our many Irish friends, but especially Carol Irvine, her family and young son Michael. He was in Dublin in April for the GCFFI Supreme.

On the last Saturday he came to the Durham cat show and seemed to enjoy his day with a few little treats, walks and relaxing time on the lawn outside Pat and John Kidd’s home. He picked up Donna’s rosette when I dropped it accidentally on arriving home and put is near his own display.
Bank holiday Monday was the last day - we had seen the vetinarian on Sunday, and for some hours the medication worked - then he came for a cuddle, got down and left us. Persee’s death is a loss, but I hope he had a good 12 years plus.

He seemed content and will be missed at home, at Church where he attended meetings, at school where he guarded from the car and by some who will miss seeing him ‘guarding’ our cats shows.
Elizabeth Evans, Cadifee British Shorthairs