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Lincoln Cat Care - (July News)

Well the number of kittens this year is alarming to say the least. Because of the negative response to neutering by the big charities the trustees decided to re introduce the free neutering month. Because of the time of year it was decided to hold it in November this year.

This is a costly exercise for our group but one that is probably one of the most cost effective use of funds. We pay for so many wounded cats, cats that stray far from their home and see so many cats, no more than kittens themselves, producing litters. We shall, of course, continue to offer assisted neutering all year round.

The sole event coming up in July is on the 28th - our Coffee Morning at the Central Library from 10am until 1pm.

The shop girls are working their little socks off, not only sorting and serving but collecting also and so we need to find new helpers for outside fund raising events. If you can spare any time on Saturdays please let me know or phone Joyce on 01522 683675. We also need to look at transportation on goods to and from events. Any ideas?

There are always a large number of outdoor cats needing new homes. These are from farms or sites being redeveloped.

It is much too stressful for them to be contained and so we need to find new sites where they can live peacefully. The ideal sites have a fair amount of ground, an outbuilding where they can shelter and a daily supply of food.

If you can offer these then please give a home to these treasures, we can offer back up support and advice if you need it. It’s not their fault they are in the position they are and it is so unjust for them to suffer the consequences.

Our 2008 calendars are available now from the shop or from events. This year there is a choice of two styles to suit every taste. We still collect used postage stamps and these again can be left at events or the shop. Postcards too are a source of revenue so don’t throw them away.

In care at present we have a number of special cats. These can need medication, be elderly or just need a lot of TLC. These are often taken to be euthanized for no other reason than being an inconvenience.

Of course many come into care because the owner just cannot cope, or has to give up their home. It’s such a shame for these treasures not to spend their remaining days in a warm, loving home. If you can give a home to one of these special cats then please discuss it with us as we can help with vet fees and medication and moral support. They often have so much love to give and the slight inconvenience is a small price to pay.

Cat food and litter makes a big dent in our funds. Many people do collect or donate food for our cats and this really helps. We will always collect any food you donate, or you can drop it into the shop or to events.

Sadly many of the supermarkets will not allow us food collection bins in store as we are not a national charity. However Morrison’s at Gainsborough collect a huge bin full every week. Can you pressure your supermarket to allow us a bin? Can you have one at work?

Well not much else to report this month except a cat with an eye to the future is advertising swimming lessons to other cats so if you’ve suffered in the past week and have a cat………..