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The Seal And Blue Point Birman Cat Club
Mr & Mrs Bunce have, once again, kindly offered their lovely garden for our Annual Garden Party. The Garden Party will be held on Sunday, 5 August at Dove House in Oxfordshire.

For tickets and information please contact either Celia on 02380 411254 or Carol on 01344 424418. Everyone welcome, so bring a friend.

The Club magazine will be sent out during July. Also entries are still being taken for the Club’s show which is on 28 July in Churchdown, Glos.
Carol Pike, Chairman

Lincolnshire Cat Club

Exhibitors, please note the following Judge Changes for the Lincolnshire CC Show this Saturday, 14 July at the Dome Leisure Centre, Doncaster.

Mrs Biggie is unable to judge, so her classes have been re-allocated as follows:

294 - Cornish Rex Adult: Mrs V. Kilby. 344, 345 - AV Foreign Imp Gr Pr: Mrs V. Kilby. 415 - Oriental Lilac Adult: Mrs J. Starr. 417 - Oriental Black Adult: Mrs J. Starr. 421 - Oriental Cream/Apricot Adult: Mrs J. Starr. 459 - Oriental Tortie Neuter: Mrs V. Kilby. 463 - Oriental Fawn Neuter: Mrs J. Starr. 478 - Chocolate Siamese Adult: Mrs J. Starr. 485 - AC Balinese Adult: Mrs J. Starr. 487 - Fawn Siamese Adult: Mrs J. Starr. 493 - Caramel Siamese Kitten: Mrs J. Starr. 501 - AC Balinese Kitten: Mrs J. Starr. 507 - Blue Siamese Neuter: Mrs J. Starr. 515 - AC Balinese Neuter: Mrs J. Starr. 533 - Mrs M. Kalal. 653 - Mr S. Farrell. 735 - Mr J. Harrison. 759 - Mr J. Harrison. 769 - Mrs P. Wilding. 772 - Mrs P. Wilding. 792 - Mr J. Harrison. 800 - Mrs S. Hamilton.
Naomi Johnson & Sheena Cook, Joint Show Managers

The Trans Pennine Oriental & Siamese Cat Club

Once more the Club will be taking a full-page advert in the Supreme Catalogue. Any Member who is interested in joining in the advert is asked to contact Norma Palmer, and is asked to send written details to 6 Badger Road, Macclesfield SK10 2EP. Tel. 01625 668908.
Nancy Webster, Hon Secretary

West of England & South Wales Cat Society

Members and exhibitors please note that there is a correction to the Schedule for our 43rd Championship Show.

The closing date for entries is 14 July, 2007 and NOT 4 July, 2007 as printed in the schedule.
Sheila Hector, Show Manager

The Long Haired & Semi Long Haired Cat Club

The AGM was held on Sunday, 22 April at Otford Village Hall, Otford, Kent.
The Officers and Committee are as follows: Chairman - Mr Geoffrey Tarr; Vice-Chairman - Mrs Rosemary Lowen; Hon Secretary - Mrs Miranda Ainsworth; Membership Secretary & Treasurer - Mrs Nicky Goulter; Kitten Register & Welfare - Mrs Nicky Goulter; GCCF Delegate - Mrs Nicky Goulter; Reserve GCCF Delegate - Mr Geoffrey Tarr. Committee Members are: Mrs Joyce Green, Mrs Carol Tarr, Mr Robin Kempe, Mrs Carolyn Kempe, Ms Lynsey Thomas, Mr Bob Semos, Mrs Morwenna Semos, Mrs Stella Stocker, Mr Steve Stanton and Mrs Christine Stanton.

The AGM was followed by a very interesting talk given by Marc Henrie ASC NUJ, the feline photographer of international repute. Marc kindly brought along some examples of cameras he has used over the years together with a selection of some of the lovely photographs of our feline friends that he has taken. Marc was then pleased to pass on some helpful hints and answer the many queries put to him by those present. A delightful conclusion to a successful afternoon.

Please also note that the Club’s Annual Championship Show will be held on Saturday, 6 October at the Bracknell Sports and Leisure Centre, Bracknell, Berks. The Show Manager’s will be Carol and Ron Pike.
Miranda Ainsworth, Hon Secretary

The Exotic Cat Club

The Club would like to remind its Members that subscriptions became due on 1 July 2007. Rates are - £5 Single and £7 Joint.

Please send subs to the Hon Treasurer, Vic Simmons, 91 Pinnacle Hill North, Bexleyheath, Kent DA7 6AE.
Vic Simmons, Hon Treasurer

Teeside Cat Club

Further to a notification in OUR CATS of May/June 2006 regarding the non-awarding of the majority of our trophies at the annual show - if anyone has donated trophies to Teeside Cat Club and wishes them to be returned or passed onto another Club, please contact Mr S. and Mrs V. Price, 45 Lakemore, Peterlee, Co. Durham SR8 1DZ. Tel. 0191 587 0369 by 1 August 2007.

If no contact is made, the unwanted trophies will be out on sale at this year’s show, with any proceeds being donated to Cat Welfare.
Paula Robinson (Mrs), Secretary


The Caramel & Apricot Federation
The AGM will be held on 5 August, 2007 at Rectory Cottages, Church Green, Bletchley, commencing at 2pm. This will be followed by a buffet tea and a raffle in aid of Club funds. There are four vacancies on the Committee this year and nominations are invited.

May I take this opportunity to remind Members that have not paid their subs this year that we are still keeping open, for the time being, the offer of LIFE membership at a reduced fee of £20 Single and £30 Joint. Once we have reached the target of 100, this offer will be withdrawn, so I strongly advise those of you who have not taken it up to do so.

Please let me know if you intend to come to the meeting so that I have some idea of the numbers to cater for. My telephone number is 01502 575771.
Di Brown, Hon Secretary


Persian Tabby BAC
Amendments to the Registration Policy for Persian Longhair Tabby cats have been approved by Council at their February and June meetings.

These include reducing the number of generations required on the Reference Register from five to four, and inclusion of Tabby Patterned Exotic Shorthair Variants as approved breeds for the Supplementary Register. These changes are implemented with immediate effect.

Any breeder who would like a copy of the current Registration Policy can obtain this from the BAC Secretary at 12 The Stocks, Seend Cleeve, Melksham, Wiltshire SN12 6PH or email owletts@care4free.net - please enclose a SAE if requesting by post.

The next meeting of the BAC will take place on Sunday, 2 September, 2007. Anyone wishing to apply to the BAC, please ensure that your paperwork is with the Secretary by 25 July to allow time for copying and circulation to the participating clubs.
Rosemary Fisher (Mrs), Hon Secretary