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SO that was Flaming June was it? Well, Flipping July doesn’t look much better! (Note the tasteful expletive – OUR CATS is a family newspaper, folks!) Well, as we all must know by now, after dire predictions of the UK becoming a desert, and hosepipe bans everywhere, the good ol’ British weather has reverted to form and we’ve been deluged. Apparently June 2007 was the wettest June since records began, which is no surprise.

(Talking of that, whenever I see that phrase ‘since records began’ I have this mental image of lots of little Met Office people poring through dusty ledgers, peering at old scrolls through magnifying glasses and translating stone tablets to see what the weather was doing in June so many centuries ago. Wouldn’t it be easier to just say: ‘It’s been bloomin’ wet for June”?)

Thanks to all those kind folks who e-mailed or called me to see if I was okay in my home town of Doncaster which had its fair share of flood alerts. Thankfully, we were quite some way from the worst hit areas of Bentley and Toll Bar and my heart goes out to all those people caught up in the flooding.

Other areas of the Don Valley were badly hit, including Catcliffe in Sheffield. Well, whether the area is aptly named or not, poor Daphne Butters of Keverstone Maine Coons had her own adventure when the floodwaters hit Sheffield. Read her account of this in The Day The Rains Came on page 29 of this issue.

Thankfully, Daphne, husband Steve and all their cats are all fine, but it just goes to show how fragile our nicely-ordered lives are when Mother Nature decides to flex her muscles.

If any other OUR CATS readers have flood stories to tell, let us know. And of course, I sincerely hope nobody has suffered like some poor people have!

So what other delights do we have for you this issue? Well, we’ve got more news and photos from this year’s World Cat Congress, as well as full details of the election of GCCF Officers and Rule Changes made at the Council’s last meeting.

(Look out for former GCCF Chairman Betty Shingleton in both features by the way – she was GCCF delegate to the Congress back in April).

Then Dr Ray Wigley has some serious news about tick and tapeworm treatments for pets travelling abroad and how the system is just not working – so plenty for us to think about there.

Also, having seen the departure of our previous Editorial Assistant Rob Dean, it’s my pleasure to welcome his successor Cristina Sacco.

Cristina hails from Sydney, Australia and is over in Old Blighty for the foreseeable future. She’s been working at Our Dogs Publishing for three months now and has just been elevated to the best department – OUR CATS Editorial. Welcome aboard Cristina!

Given that Wimbledon is now upon us, I was going to sign off by saying ‘Anyone for tennis?’ but it’d have to stop raining for that!

Water Polo, anyone?

Nick Mays
News & Features Editor