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Observer at the cat shows
AS A regular visitor and keen observer at cat shows, it is very noticeable when cats have achieved Grand and Imperial Grand status, they keep on being shown in those classes time after time. I don’t doubt the cats love their days out, so why can’t they be put on exhibition for everyone to admire?

It also strikes me - particularly in the Siamese Section, and maybe others - how often the same cats win Best in Show.

Even in horse racing odds-on favourites don’t always win. It seems in the Cat Fancy, some nearly always do.
M. Lewis

Cat breeders please be aware!
I THOUGHT all cat breeders should be informed of the scam I recently encountered from a perspective buyer of a kitten.

I received e-mails from a dadid_dudu@yahoo.com asking about purchasing a kitten as a family pet, to which I sent photos and asked him to reserve one and I needed a deposit. He then said he would send me a deposit, I asked for £50.

I had no more e-mails until he asked if I had received his cheque. I said I had received a cheque, but not for £50, but for £2,950, with no correspondence in the letter, just a cheque.

Why did he send that amount? He said it was to cover the care of the kitten and the export, to which I said I don’t export cats, and to cancel the cheque. He got quite pushy, saying all was OK, and the handlers would deal with everything, all I needed to do was get the kitten health checked and vaccinated.

This just didn’t seem right, as I had previously told him the kitten was not ready to go until August anyway. He then proceeded to phone me on the third day and asked me to meet the handlers or send the cheque for their fee for £1,450 to set the paperwork in motion.

After lots of questions from me, and no answers from him, he didn’t contact me anymore. The bank verified the cheque was stolen, so beware of the person running this scam. It was a sickening feeling to think someone could have been taken in by this.

I presume he got my contacts from the website, so I hope this letter makes breeders aware of this.

If anyone would like more information, please e-mail me at Avistracey@aol.com
Avis Miller

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