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PURA in ‘CATS’ musical ticket giveaway

In a major push to promote its premium range of cat litters in the UK, PURA is to give away tickets to see Andrew Lloyd’s Webber hit musical Cats.

PURA has five pairs of tickets for each venue of the tour at, Woking, Birmingham, Eastbourne, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Crawley.

Tickets can be won through competitions in regional press, local radio and pet magazines as well as PURA’s own website www.purapet.com.

To enter, owners simply email a photo of their cat with a suitable caption taken from TS Elliot’s poems, whose words from Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats provide the most of the show’s lyrics, to pura@ashapura.com.

Commenting on the promotion, “Pura’s President of Marketing, Vijay Chaudhari said, “The demographic profile of Cats’ audiences perfectly matches our target customer. Most people attending a performance are cat owners who love their pets and want the best products for them”.

The UK tour also parallels PURA’s drive to extend its distribution through the country and support its team of agents who promote the cat litter to pet stores.

Pura is sold in the UK in seven and 20 litre bags. Each pair of 20L bags contains a free steel bowl worth £5. The 7.5L bags have a free litter tray, scoop and 50% extra free material.

Pura cat litter will not support bacterial life, and being a natural drying agent will absorb up any residual dirty cat litter so the tray always stays clean and hygienic.

Consumers also have a choice of PURA litters with added scents of Jasmine, Lavender and Baby Powder, which release their pleasant fragrances when wet.