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Teesside Cat Club
Exhibitors, please note the following Judge Change for our Championship Show on 25 August.
Class 329: Asian Tabby Kitten will now be judged by Mrs V. Kilby and NOT Mr A Walsh.
V. A. Price (Mrs), Show Manager

Kensington Kitten & Neuter Cat Club

The Kensington are holding their AGM at the show this year on 29 July at the Bracknell Leisure Centre.

The meeting will commence at 10.45am and will be held in the Forest Suite. We look forward to seeing you there.
H. J. Hewitt, Hon Secretary

The Ocicat & Bengal Cat Club

The OBCC are holding their AGM on Sunday, 19 August. It will be held at Wickham House, Lodge Lane, Desborough NN14 2NT. The meeting will commence at 2pm and will be followed by a barbecue.

All Members are warmly welcomed. There will be no charge, but we will be having a raffle (prizes welcomed). We hope to see you there.

We are grateful to Mr & Mrs Jackson for their generous hospitality in making their home and garden available to us.
H. J. Hewitt, Hon Secretary

The Lilac Point Siamese Cat Society

Exhibitors, please note the following Judge Change for our show on 22 September, 2007.
Unfortunately, Mrs Jenny Jones will not be able to judge Class 17, Tortie Point Adult Female at our show. Mrs Di Brown has agreed to judge this class in her place. All other classes remain as printed in the schedule.

Please can exhibitors also note that entries close on Sunday, 29th July 2007. Schedules have been sent to last years exhibitors, but if you still require a schedule, ring me on 01473 830894 and I will post one out immediately, or you can access the internet version on The Lilac Pointed Siamese Cat Society website.
Niki Hill, Joint Show Manager

Manchester & District Cat Club

Our next Social Event will be our annual barbecue at the home of Peter and Jean Leigh in Swinton on Sunday, 12 August. Everyone welcome.

A selection of good food and wine at very reasonable prices, and, of course, our usual super raffle. All proceeds to the cat welfare fund.

For directions ring Peter on 0161-793 7503. Any other enquiries ring Maureen on 0161-211 9809.
Maureen O’Dowd, Social Convenor

Exotic Cat Club

With the AGM approaching in October, the Club is seeking any nominations for Committee Members.

Nominations must be signed by the proposer and seconder and be sent before 31 August, 2007, to the Secretary at 2 The Hollies, Newton, Rugby, Warks CV23 0DD.
Mike Barrett, Hon Secretary

Maine Coon Breed Society Norsk Skogkatt Society
Seal & Blue Point Birman Cat Club
Due to a much higher than expected entry for the above three shows being held tomorrow, 28 July, 2007, at Churchdown Community Centre, Mrs P. Knight has kindly agreed to come and judge at the Maine Coon Breed Society Show to reduce loadings on judges judging in all three shows.
Mrs P. Knight will judge the following Miscellaneous Classes - 33, 49, 52a, 52b, 55, 59a, 59b and 68.

Mrs N. Goulter will judge class 64.
Carol Pike, Show Manager

North of Britain LH & SLH Cat Club

Will all exhibitors please note that there is a change of venue for the above show on 8th December 2007.

We are now holding the show at Concord Sports Centre, Shiregreen Lane, Shiregreen, Sheffield S5 6AE. Tel. 0114 257 0053.
L. Dutton (Mrs), Hon Secretary/ Show Manager

Herts & Middlesex Cat Club

The AGM of the Herts & Middlesex Cat Club was held on 23 April at the Friends’ Meeting House, Euston Road, London. Members were welcomed to mark the club’s Diamond Anniversary Year.
Committee Members and Officers due for re-election were all returned unopposed. Mrs Betty Marks stood down as Treasurer and Mrs Kim Hill was elected in her place. Mr Ian Mattocks joined the Committee, and it was also decided to choose a new “examiner” of the Club’s accounts.

Entries are invited from breeders and stud owners to add to the Newsletter and website, at a small fee to cover both. All interested should contact Mrs Hill or Mrs Walter for details.
The show will be on September 1st and is intended to commemorate the 60th anniversary with specials for exhibitors. We hope for a good entry to mark this special year.
B. Newbury (Mrs), Hon Secretary

The Tabby Cat Club

The Club will be holding a Garden Party on Sunday, 5 August at the home of Jill Martin, 104 Roston Drive, Hinckley, Leicestershire, commencing at 2pm. All Members and friends are welcome.
There will be various stalls, cakes and produce, raffle and white elephant (donations would be greatly appreciated). Refreshments will be available. Tel. Jill on 01455 440212 for directions.

Further to the notice sent with the AGM papers, just a reminder that we will be formatting the Gazette next month, so if you have any interesting stories, articles or histories please forward them to me in the first instance, at 42 Roseacre Drive, Heald Green, Cheadle, Cheshire SK8 3UP, if possible before 31 July. It is also an opportunity for you to advertise kittens and studs, etc. The price for the adverts is £10 for a full page, £6 half page and £3 for a breeder entry. A breeders entry would be free of charge with either a half page or full page advert.
Betty M. Conway, Hon Secretary

Wyvern Cat Club

Would exhibitors please note the following Judge Changes for the Wyvern Show on 8 September, 2007:

Class 515 - AC Maine Coon Adult will now be judged by Mrs M. Kalal; Class 660 - AC Singapura Kitten will now be judged by Mrs S. Bullock; Class 686 - AC Snowshoe Neuter will now be judged by Mrs H. Marriott Power.
Margaret Gear, Joint Show Manager


The Tonkinese BAC
The Tonkinese BAC invites all who are interested to attend an important Open Meeting on Sunday, 16th September 2007 (1pm) at St Mary’s Church Hall, Winnersh, Berkshire (directions can be provided), to discuss the future of the Tonkinese Solid & Pointed Coat Patterns.

If you are attending, please inform Linda Vousden as soon as possible on Tel. 0118 9619 444 or e-mail tbc.uk@ntlworld.com
Any updates will be posted on the TBAC page on www.tonkinese.info
Linda Vousden, Hon Secretary