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Make your pet smile in September

Thousands of cats and dogs in the UK are suffering needlessly with dental and dental related disease. Pet Smile Month, running in September 2007, aims to reduce their suffering by working with hundreds of veterinary practices across the UK to provide free dental checks for pets.

Dental disease not only causes bad breath, pain, discomfort, and bleeding gums and infected teeth but can affect the whole body, particularly the heart valves and the kidneys, as bacteria spread from the mouth into the pet’s bloodstream. It is estimated that 80 per cent of pets over three years of age need some form of dental treatment.

An annual event organised by vets since 1998, Pet Smile Month 2007 is supported by manufacturers of oral hygiene products Royal Canin, Ceva and Pedigree DentaStix, and pet insurance company, Petplan.

Thanks to the sponsors, owners taking their pets for a free check up with participating practices in September will receive a goody bag containing samples of special diets to prevent the problem and doggy chews which have been proven to reduce plaque and calculus, as well as valuable money off vouchers.

‘Treating dental disease provides relief from pain and suffering - it can give animals a whole new lease of life,’ says Pet Smile Month spokesman and founder, veterinary surgeon Bob Partridge.

To find a participating local veterinary practice simply use the “Find-a-PSM Vet” button at www.petsmile.org and enter your postcode.

Along with some toothy facts and figures, more information can be found on this site on dental care and treatment including advice on diet and tooth brushing techniques.