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North West Cat Club Show News

Schedules for the North West cat show are now available for the show, which takes place on Saturday, September 29th.

Our Cats has received the following press release from the society:

This year we are giving out Best in Show rosettes to each section winner, i.e. Best Persian Adult, Kitten and Neuter; these are courtesy of Roger Coleman of Worlds Best Litter/Applaws.

He is also giving tins of APPLAWS to the Best in Show winner. Steve from North West Pet Foods has organised samples and 10-kilo bags of food to the overall winner from Hills, samples and prizes from Burns, and lots more. Cristian Rommeril from Royal Canin is also giving away plenty of prizes from the company.

On top of this, there will be a raffle with the first prize of £100 and lots of other prizes, especially of the liquid kind; these are for the exhibitors not the cats! We have already received lots of entries, especially for double pens, as we have only 24 to offer, sorry we cannot get any more into the hall.

Call 01282 694575 for any more information...and get your entries in as quickly as possible before the hall fills up. Schedules will be available around the shows and from Our Cats stand.