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Seventy-two per cent of pet lovers fret when it comes to holidays

Pet Expo Sun, sea and sand seem to be a stressful combination for Britain’s pet owners with 10.5 million admitting they worry their way through their holidays. Almost three quarters (69%) admit to being preoccupied about their pets if they leave them at home and 27% worry so much they call home to check on their welfare.

A quarter (25%) even consider their pampered pooches when making holidaying decisions. One owner in ten won’t take a holiday without their precious pet in tow and an extreme 6% of those who do leave them behind worry enough to call home every single day they are gone.

This research was commissioned by Petplan, to mark the addition of free travel insurance to its policies1 and the offer of a free guide called ‘Travelling with Pets’ available to all pet owners that can be downloaded free from www.petplan.co.uk/ travel.

Over 200,000 animals a year are estimated to travel from Great Britain to the rest of the EU2.

The recent case of Jose Mourinho has highlighted that even the highest profile pet owners are often in the dark when it comes to following the correct procedures for taking pets abroad.

Petplan worked with YouGov to quiz almost 1,000 pet owners across the country on their holidaying habits. Owners from the East Midlands are the biggest worriers with over three quarters (76%) fretting about their beloved pets while they are away. A shocking 15% of people in the North East are concerned enough to call home every day.

Scots are the biggest animal lovers with 43% from Central Scotland preferring to take their pet on holiday rather than leave it at home and 22 % always taking their pets on holiday with them. 35% of owners from this region even admit their pet can dictate where they choose to holiday.

Highlights from the Petplan/You Gov research include:

* Under 35s are more likely to call home every day to check on their pets whilst holidaying

* Men are more preoccupied with their pets welfare than women whilst on holiday

* Pets rule the roost in the North East - 32% of people in the North East say their holiday destinations are dictated by their pets

* 38% of people in the North of Scotland call home to check in at least once on holiday

* 75% of Geordies worry about their pets when they are on holiday

* The over 55s are most likely to let their pet affect their choice of holiday destination.

Marc Abraham, a regular vet on The Paul O’Grady Show and It’s Me or the Dog, explained: “The research from Petplan shows that we worry about our pets so much that we can’t relax on holiday. Many of us want to take our pets on holiday with us but are anxious about the veterinary costs should they fall ill.”

Simon Wheeler, Petplan’s Head of Marketing said: “As pets are part of the family, of course we want to take them on holiday with us, yet it can be expensive, restrictive and confusing to do so. Like us, our pets are just as likely to fall ill or injure themselves on holiday as they are at home.

Petplan now offers free travel cover on its insurance policies to help owners have a holiday with their pets free of financial worry should anything happen. Petplan travel insurance includes cover of emergency vet fees, quarantine and loss of documents and advertising and reward for lost pets.”

Details of Petplan policies can be found at www.petplan.co.uk or by calling 0800 107 1843.
1 Small Animal Domestic and Showbreeder policies
2 Source Defra.gov.uk