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This is my right to reply
IN 9 March edition of OUR CATS online, (Cat Chat) there was a poem, written by a Mrs Julie Colin of Talishar Persians.

Unfortunately, the publication of this poem caused me (the target of this poem) serious problems - both with my overall reputation among those in the cat world, and with my family and friends.

On May 11th, the matter to which it all referred resulted in my taking the matter to Medway County Court, with the breeder in question subsequently being ordered by the Judge to refund me all monies I had paid, plus full court case and other costs.

I am hoping, in the spirit of fairness, that OUR CATS will print this letter so that I may present a fully balanced view of the situation. Also (and just as importantly) to give a thank you to all my friends and breeders who have supported me.
Sue Smith


Barbara Dixon
I WAS sorry to hear about the death of Barbara Dixon, a lady I met at the Supreme Show many years ago.

Barbara bred Cornish Rex cats for a number of years under her prefix, Marina.
My deepest sympathy goes to her husband and family.
Elsie Hummerston