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A helping hand for a lost paw

Anyone who has had the misfortune to lose a pet will know how heartbreaking and frustrating it is to try to locate them. Most of the time you have to resort to pictures on lampposts and ringing round the local vets.

Now, thanks to the power of the Internet there is a solution – PawTrax™

Peter Callaway has developed a sophisticated mapping system online at (pawtrax. co.uk) which shows details of every pet reported to PawTrax™ that has either gone missing or has been found.

Details of pets that are not reported directly to PawTrax™ are collected from the Internet using various web technologies and added to the map on a daily basis.

Within minutes of reporting the loss and e-mailing a photo of the missing pet, PawTrax™ goes to work circulating the details and the photo to vets, dog walkers, kennels and catteries too, thus increasing the chances that your pet is going to be spotted as early as possible.
All enhanced by a network of eagle-eyed volunteers, called PawTrackers, from taxi and bus drivers to the local postperson.

With 5,700 dogs and cats going missing EVERY WEEK, 38 per cent of which are stolen, the PawTrax™ service is a must.

Unlike some other pet finding sites PawTrax™ is entirely FREE, the cost of running the site is borne out of advertising revenue and sponsors.

Why not give PawTrax™ a click; whether you’ve lost or found a pet, or you want to become a volunteer PawTracker or one of their sponsors Peter would love to hear from you.

Pick-a-Paw and help us raise £10,000 for the AHT and CamVet

PawTrax™ is also hoping to raise funds for The Animal Health Trust and Cambridge Veterinary Trust by asking visitors to upload a picture of a paw together with details of a lost pet, a company logo etc. onto a grid of 10,000 squares. When the ‘pawgrid’ is completely full of Paws, PawTrax™ will have raised £10,000.