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Some time ago we introduced a split show report section whereby emailed reports appeared more quickly than handwritten or faxed reports.

This has proven to be a huge success in that judges reports emailed soon after the show have subsequently been printed in the first available issue; a vast improvement on ‘the old days’ when reports were taking months to appear.

Furthermore our online members section also features the shows at the same speed (check out www.ourcats.co.uk ) as many of our subscribers already know. The website now has a very valuable archive of reports, photos and articles in our members section

It is apparent (and as predicted) that the percentage of emailed reports is increasing, meaning that we have less ‘hard copy’ reports to reset.

This means that we hope to have the opportunity to return to one section for show reports and, as requested by some readers, that will mean in turn that reports from individual shows have a better chance of being grouped together in a larger batch.

Our Cats is of course dependent (and grateful!) on the judges for submitting their reports in reasonable time... often we are chastised for not publishing a report, but in some instances, may not have received it in the first place.

The system has a good track record of ensuring that reports published go in…and as quickly as possible, and we hope that in the next few weeks this will improve even further.

If more judges send reports by email, then our system will show a parallel improvement.
Many thanks to all concerned. Vince Hogan