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Letter of Week

Road Tax: Another fight on our hands – or not?

First I agree with the general view contained in the lead article [Road Tax Proposal Back On Agenda, OC 1st June]. Road pricing is hitting the innocent motorist again.

We spent several weeks fighting with DEFRA earlier in the year regarding licences for animal transport. Now we are faced with yet more insidious indirect taxation. However, if one looks very carefully at the proposals we see the following:

Road Tax is for busy roads at peak times. Motorways and A roads Monday to Friday 07.00 to 09.30. Bad news for those normal daily commuters and school run parents.

But... How many cat shows run during the week?

Also, the congestion charge only applies Monday to Friday.

Could this expansion force employers to re-think their working day?

Why do we start work at 09.00 every day? Why not start at 08.00 or 10.00?

I am in favour of reducing the road congestion but not at the direct expense of the motorist. Why do we pay Car Tax? If that pays for major road repairs then town congestion can be worked out to reduce pollution and chaos by injecting the cash directly into a transport policy that benefits the traveller.

Just a few thoughts.
Dr Ray Wigley

Pay as you drive? A Third World idea
Pay As You Drive [OC 1st June], yet another of the government’s ill thought out schemes. Whoever thought up this scheme and those who support the idea, ought to be hung, drawn and quartered.

For instance, has it occurred to them, that people who are ill and who need to drive to the doctor or hospital may not be able to afford to if this scheme is brought in. Fortunately, I am not in that category, but I’d like to bet there are plenty of people who struggle to make ends meet will be!

Every day we seem to be moving closer and closer to being a Third World country, the decline of the NHS, fortnightly bin collections, the resulting increase in rats and other vermin, the decline in education, the number of people who can’t get a dentist, the need for a permit to transport our rubbish to a council tip in a van, because the council won’t take it (where is the ecological sense in that?)… and now we are to be prevented from being able to pursue our hobbies in the name of “the environment”.

Who do they think they are kidding?
Elizabeth Wildon


Hitting road users again
Having read the front page story in the last issue of OUR CATS [Road Tax Proposal Back On Agenda, OC 1st June], the question I have to ask is this: Are road users to be charged for trips to hospitals, doctors, vets, etc?

Fewer trips mean less sales for shops etc., and one-day commerce and thus GNP from VAT etc will grind to a halt!

Being disabled the car for myself and many is the legs, if that makes sense –the many being especially those people who show cats are not sufficiently reduced in mobility to get the blue badge, but without the car could not enjoy the showing or any of life’s ‘normal’ extras!
To be sarcastic: Let’s all hibernate apart from an annual trip to supermarket for seeds, plus tinned and dried foods - the next year could be used for putting said tins in re-cycling bin.
Elizabeth Evans, Cadifee British Shorthairs


Change of address
WOULD all interested parties please note that Susan Newman (and the Moormist cats) now live at 29 The Gardens, Chudleigh, Newton Abbot TQ13 0GE. My new email is susan@newman33.orangehome.co.uk

Unfortunately, I have had no internet access for nearly three months and I understand emails sent to my old address have NOT been returned to senders by the mailer Daemon. Please accept my apologies if you have had no reply when trying to contact me.
Susan Newman