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Puss gets his own movie

HOLLYWOOD ACTOR Antonio Banderas has revealed that his Shrek character Puss In Boots is due to star in his very own spin-off film.

The suave Spanish actor confirmed he would be returning to the studio to record the voice for the heroic cat, who has been a hit in the two of the three Shrek animated movies.

“It’s going to show his back history - from being born a kitten to the swaggering cat that he is today,” Antonio told the Daily Express newspaper.

He added: “I’ve seen the scripts and they’re very emotional, as well as very funny, and that’s a combination that I think the audiences will like.”

Meanwhile, Puss In Boots is currently starring in Shrek The Third, which swept the box office in the US although critics have panned it.

The film, which sees Shrek’s wife Princess Fiona turn feminist when she recruits a band of ladies including Snow White and Sleeping Beauty to fight the scheming Prince Charming, is due out in the UK this month.