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Paws For Kids charity wins £10,000 Petplan grant

THE PETPLAN CHARITABLE TRUST has awarded a £10,000 grant to Paws for Kids the charity that provides temporary fostering for pets and support to women and children who are escaping domestic violence.

The grant has been awarded to assist in the running of the charity’s pet fostering scheme. Paws for Kids were the beneficiary of a previous award from the Trust. In 2003 Petplan donated £12,000 to the charity, split between two projects; £6,000 went towards paying running costs and expenses of the part time pet fosterer’s and the other £6,000 was used to purchase a van which is now used to transport animals between locations.

Animals are fostered anonymously but whilst an animal is in foster care with Paws for Kids, the family is kept informed of its welfare through letters and updates. Letters and particularly photographs are often very important for children of the families affected.

On average animals can spend up to five-months in a temporary foster home and Paws for Kids goes to great lengths to ensure that the pets and fosterers are well matched to minimise distress for the animals.

Carole Marsden, Project Manager, Paws for Kids, said: “We are delighted with the brand new grant that we have received and believe that the pet fostering scheme we offer is vital, as nearly all refuges do not allow animals to stay. Paws for Kids offers a solution to this problem.

Often in families children turn to the animals for companionship as they offer an escape route for the problems in the home. We believe that whilst they are going through the traumatic process of living in a refuge it is important for them to remain in touch with their pet; pets who have given them so much comfort and support.”

* The Petplan Charitable Trust website: www.petplantrust.org.
* Paws for Kids website: www.pawsforkids.org.uk