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Maisie, a Front Cover Cat – four years on
Julia Emmett, who has recently moved to Scotland, sent me some great news about Gr Ch & UK Gr Pr Pawdew Maisie Doates.

Julia said, “12-year-old Maisie was awarded the Imperial certificate by judge Pamela Read at the Nor’East of Scotland Cat Club show. The last time she was shown was when she won Overall Best in Show at the Manchester & District CC show, four years ago! She then appeared on the front cover of OUR CATS as the first ever ‘Front Cover Cat’.

“A friend, who shows Burmese, recently commented on how good Maisie still looks for her age when she visited a couple of months ago. This got me thinking about taking her out for a stab at the Imperial.

I wasn’t sure if it would be entirely fair on the old girl, but getting Nina (my new kitten) seems to have given her a new lease of life, as she charges around the house after her, playing race and chase! However, I need not have worried because Maisie seemed to enjoy her trip out and all the attention she received on the day. What a trooper! Of course I was thrilled at the result and lots of people commented on how lovely she is, which was really nice too!”

Cat-loving Canadians

According to an Ipsos Reid survey, Canadians would choose their pets over a partner. One third of cat and dog owners said they would not marry, or even live with someone who disliked pets. According to the poll, a quarter of cat owners say they would keep their cat even if their partner was allergic.

Moggies Cat Rescue

Maureen Savage runs Moggies Cat Rescue from her home in Lancashire and is currently facing a £1,270 bill after taking in a number of injured cats. Recent cases include six-month-old Tulah, who had to have her leg amputated after being caught in some sort of trap, and six-month-old Bonnie, who suffered a fractured pelvis in a road accident. If you can help, please 01254 736128.

Painting by numbers!
There was a huge entry of photographs for the cat painting competition, held at Manchester & District Cat Club’s show on 5th May.

The competition was judged by TV star Malcolm Hebden. Please see the full show feature, in this issue, for more photographs.

Clickers for cats
Though she’s billed as the ‘Cat Whisperer’, Marilyn Krieger’s methods involve more clicking than murmuring. Marilyn, a certified consultant in cat behaviour, demonstrated her clicker training techniques on 20th May for an audience of roughly 30 cat enthusiasts at the Peninsula Humane Society at Coyote Point. Marilyn, who lives in Redwood City, became a full-time cat consultant after she was laid off from her technology job a couple years ago.

She is now a member of the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants. “They’re wonderful animals,” she said, explaining her attraction to cats. “They respond so well, they’re social, they’re so fun to be with (and) they’re fascinating.” More information is available at http://www.thecatcoach.com