Our Cats Shop

Murder at cat show

By Chris McNeil
(Cat Scratching Posts UK)

MF Penning and some of the Cat Show Traders all recently had starring parts in the entertaining detective series ‘NEW TRICKS’.

Andy Ian, Robin and Linda from MF Penning, Chris & Jim from Cat Scratching Posts UK, Bob & Isla from R&L, Fran and Pat de Courcy Rolls, and Heather & Jenny from Halcyon, all spent a great day in London filming for this programme.

We all met up at the film location and were fed a lovely breakfast, before being transported to the set which had been penned by Andy and the gang.

Amanda Redman, Dennis Waterman, Alun Armstrong, Lyndsey Coulson (Bianca’s Mum from ‘EastEnders’) and Vic McGuire (from ‘Bread’ and ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’) filmed with us throughout the day.

We were included in lots of scenes and worked alongside the stars and the extras, playing numerous parts. The storyline involved an heirloom being left to a lady’s pet cats and the ensuing struggle of the friends and relations to grab the money! So a number of scenes had to be shot in and around a cat show.

The cast were great fun, the Director was great…. albeit fierce…. we did not think it wise to upset him!

At lunchtime we were shipped back to base, where again we were fed a first-class meal along with the cast and crews. After lunch we were back on set, where we continued filming until late in the evening. We had some giggles and having to behave on set was very difficult for some of us, but we did it.

All in all it was a great day with a great bunch of people, which we all enjoyed immensely. I’m sure all of us involved would like to say a huge Thank You to Andy from MF Penning for all of his hard work in organising the day for us all.

No Autographs please!!!!

Editor’s Note: We have allowed Chris artistic licence with the phrase ‘starring roles’ at the start of this article! The episode was shown on BBC a few weeks ago, let’s hope you didn’t blink and miss some of the new-found stars…ah well, back to reality.