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Wiltshire & District Cat Club
Exhibitors, please note that Mr Neil Carter has withdrawn from judging at our forthcoming show on 7 July, 2007, so please note the following Judge Changes.

Classes have been re-allocated as follows - Open Classes: Mr J. Hansson - 151, 152; Mrs S. Tokens - 157; Mrs T. Cole - 171; Mrs M. Kalal - 181; Mrs V. Anderson - 197, 198, 199, 200, 201, 202, 203, 214, 215, 216, 249, 250, 279, 280, 281; Mrs V. A. Anderson - 343; Mrs B. Pearce - 448; Mrs V. Kilby - 494, 501.

Jackie Pell & Elaine Robinson, Joint Show Managers

Progressive Ragdoll Breed Cat Club

We would like to inform exhibitors and Members who are coming to our show on 21 July, 2007, that the venue is The Greig Hall, Kinwarton Road, Alcester, Warwickshire B49 6AD, and NOT Trinity High School, Grove Street, Redditch as shown in the Our Cats Show Diary recently
Brian Ashworth, Chairman & Show Manager

Chinchilla, Silver Tabby & Smoke Cat Society

Here are the results of the 2007 Winners Competition. Please keep me updated with your show results, either by post, phone or you can email them to sue@tamosahpersians.co.uk or www. hotmail.com, so the results can be as accurate as possible for this year’s journal.

Gr Ch Silverdance Amadeus 143 pts
Ch Yankidoodle Tiger Lily 55 pts
Gr Ch Villiers Marigold 38 pts
Tamosah Elvin Stardust 30 pts
Imp Gr Ch Dreampawz Summertime 25 pts
Gr Ch Villiers Anna Marie 24 pts
Ch Villiers Whata Poppet 13 pts

Danmoso Loveontherocks 35 pts
Occlestone Kashmere 30 pts
Tamosah Ezella 30 pts
Tamosah Carly 20 pts
Villiers Saffron 10 pts

Pr Tamosah Dartagnan 85 pts
Gr Pr Yankidoodle Snowdrop 55 pts
Gr Pr Cashel Headboy 44 pts
Pr Juscari Emlyn 30 pts
Sue Danks

East Sussex Cat Club
The latest scores in the ESCC Cat of the Year Competition 2006/7 are:
Ch Silverdance Amadeus 141
Gr Pr Mainman Rajah 110
Gr Pr Mainman Burmastar 63
Ladygem In Mydreams 56
Ch Kennbury Barnabus 54
Pr Mymystic Goldenshadow 53
Gr Pr Tonkaholics Antares 46
Otrika Sidore Opportunity 42
Gr Ch Riascatz Lookat Me 36
Gr Pr Papagena Nadina 35
Macoys Jasmeen 34
Ch Daki Zinzan 33
Gr Pr Papagena Harry Paddington 32
Diangelo Miss Sarah 32
Macoys New Years Eve 32
Gr Pr Fortis Harvestmoon 27
Riascatz Little Miracle 24
Ch Highspot Tigerlily 24
Danmoso Loveontherocks 21
Sicorn Red Robin 16
Macoys Princess Diana 12
Rostacat Clarine 11
Gr Pr Mymystic Mishca 11
Dotcom Sampson 8
Gr Pr Citoxe Phabulous 5
Tonkaholics Uncle Sam 5
Macoys Japanese Zelkova 3
Macoys Valentine Girl 3
Non-GCCF Shows
Sicorn Red Robin 48
Cap Fortis Harvest Moon 14
Ferrersford Walter 10
Ferrersford Commodore 10
Ferrersford Bodie 6
Sicorn Clarina 5
Satinmist Kierra 5
Ferrersford Doyle 2
Fortis Thundercloud 1

Last show date for entries in this year’s contests is 16th June. Any entries received with show dates after this will be accepted as next year’s entries. New competitions will start with shows dated 23rd June for both competitions.
Graham Scullard, Vice-Chairman

Burmese Cat Club

The Burmese Cat Club Tea Party will be held on 12 August, 2007, at Bremhill House, Bremhill.
Tickets and agenda will be available from Mr Guy Wilking in due course.

Price of tickets will be £11.50. We have had to put them up slightly because of rising cost of food, etc.
It promises to be an entertaining day, so do come. Get your tickets booked and avoid disappointment.
Maureen Smith

Merseyside Cat Club

Exhibitors, please note the following Judge Changes.

Mrs Gamble’s Classes will now be judged by the following:

AOV Foreign Champion (Male & Female) - Mrs Kilby; Oriental Lilac (Adult, Kitten & Neuter) - Mr Harrison; Oriental Cream or Apricot (Adult, Kitten & Neuter) - Mr Harrison; Oriental Cinnamon (Adult, Kitten & Neuter) - Mr Harrison; Oriental Fawn Intermediate (Adult, Kitten & Neuter) - Mr Harrison; Oriental Bi-colour Assessment (Adult, Kitten & Neuter) - Mr Harrison.

SIAMESE: Siamese AC Premier (Male & Female) - Mrs Farnsworth; Caramel Point (Adult & Neuter) - Mrs Kalal; Caramel Point (Kitten) - Mr Harrison; Tortie Point (inc Cinnamon & Fawn) (Adult & Neuter) - Mrs Luxford-Watts; Tortie Point (inc Cinnamon & Fawn) (Kitten) - Mr Harrison.
J. Pinches (Mrs), Show Manager



Bengal BAC & Korat CA
The Bengal BAC and Korat Cat Association will be holding a Joint Seminar on 24 June to promote the Silver Bengals and other aspects of the Bengal breed, Thai Blue Points and Thai Lilacs.

This will be held at The Rosery, Lower Ash Estate, Felix Lane, Shepperton, Middx TW17 8NL. The cost of entry, including barbeque will be £6.50 per head and will start at 12 noon.

Cheques should be sent to Barrie Alger-Street at The Rosery, and made payable to The Bengal BAC. Please apply early as this will be a very popular event and tickets will be limited. For any additional information please ring Barrie or Rosie on 01932 228139.
Barrie Alger-Street



Lilac Point Siamese Cat Society
The AGM of the above Society will be on Sunday, 24 June at 3pm, the venue is Fern Lodge, South Street, Litlington, Herts SG8 0RQ (by kind permission of Mr P. & Mrs E. Ridgeway).

This will be followed by a Garden Party, and Members are very welcome to bring friends and family members if they so wish. Members and friends joining the Society on the day will be free, a small charge will be made to non-members.

It would be helpful if those wishing to attend could let Mrs Ridgeway know so that she has some idea of the numbers to cater for. Please telephone her on 01763 852728.

Please note that the Annual Show is on 18 August this year, and schedules are now available from Mrs B. James, 169 Wroxham Road, Sprowston, Norwich NR7 8AG. Tel. 01603 426583.
Di Brown, Hon Secretary

Northern Birman Cat Club

The AGM of the Northern Birman Cat Club will be held on Sunday, 3 June, 2007 at The Royal Station Hotel, Carnforth, Lancs, at 2.30pm.

May I also take this opportunity to remind Members that subscriptions became due on 1 January, 2007. Rates are - Single £6, Joint £9.

To all exhibitors who attended our first Champio
nship Show, we, the Committee, hope you had an enjoyable day and hope to see you all next year.
Vanessa Keeping, Chairperson