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Thanks for birthday tribute
I want to offer my most sincere thanks for the very impressive article about Cats Protection that was published in OUR CATS 18 May edition.

I read the three-page feature entitled ‘Cats Protection – 80 Years Young’ and I have to say I was amazed and impressed with the in-depth discussion of Cats Protection and cat welfare issues over the last 80 years. Clearly, a lot of hard work and research went in to writing the article so I wanted to express my gratitude to the editorial team.

I also want to say thank you to your advertising team for arranging the ‘Happy 80th Birthday’ messages that accompanied the article, and thanks to those organisations who took part in this.
I understand that Our Cats is arranging for Cats Protection to receive a donation for each advertisement that was placed, and we very much appreciate your kind generosity and those of your advertisers.

As the UK’s leading feline welfare charity, Cats Protection cares passionately about the welfare of cats and is committed to ensuring that each one has the chance of a life where it will be treated with kindness and understanding of its needs.

The friendship and support of publications like Our Cats is essential because you help us communicate our aims and achievements to cat clubs and breeders associations across the UK, thus generating more goodwill, donations and volunteers for the charity.

It was great to see that friendship and support reflected in such a brilliant feature on behalf of Cats Protection.

Thank you again, and here’s to the next 80 years!
Best wishes.
Peter Hepburn, Chief Executive, Cats Protection


Thank you
I WOULD like to thank everyone for their support and good wishes when I was in hospital recently. The flowers, cards, letters and telephone calls all helped cheer me up, and I am very grateful. We had so many offers of help, sometimes from people we hardly knew, and Peter and I were conforted to know that so many people were thinking of us and offering to help.

I would particularly like to thank Heather and Malcolm for taking in and showering our pregnant Isabella with love and much TLC. They acted as both midwife and surrogate mother and father to both her and her babies, and did a superb job. I was still firmly anchored to the bed in hospital when they were due, poor Peter was trying to cope with all the other cats plus two more nine-week-old kittens and visit me at the same time, and we were just about at our wits end when Heather rang and volunteered her services. Bless you Heather and Malcolm and thank you again.
Thank you all once again. It is good to know that so many people care.
Barbara Sperring, Meadwell Birmans

Pedigree cats under threat
HAVING read the article ‘Pedigree Cats Under Threat’ (OUR CATS, No. 1116, 18th May), I am exceedingly disturbed by the prospect of legislation which will impose restrictions on the caring breeding of pedigree cats, and would urge all cat breeders and lovers to write to/arrange a meeting with their local MP to urge him/her to insist on proper debate of this proposal.

However, I would remind readers that this proposal is likely to ve viewed by Government, whatever its political “colour”, not so much as a means of improving animal welfare as a new source of revenue - making the adoption of the proposal even more likely!
Ms J. J. McCarten


Tanya Folkes (Cymbeline Siamese)
TANYA was an exhibitor at GCCF shows and a breeder for over 30 years. She was a mine of experience, sharp and with a long memory - the sort of person at whose feet we were happy to sit. Her support of Seal Point Siamese lines is well-known; no visit to her house was complete without a tour of photo albums of her cat family - with special mention of her favourite, Grand Champion Penyrallt Picasso, “grand-daddy of them all” as she called him.

We were privileged two years ago to take one of our queens to her last stud, Grand Champion Furryface Olivier; their progeny included Harry who is now at stud and our queen Sophie. Quid pro quo, Tanya brought her queens to my stud Solomon - the last kitten was born in late March 2007.

Tanya, despite bouts of illness, clearly had no thought of leaving this life, her husband Bob of so many years, her Siamese family and her spaniels. To Bob we extend our condolences. In years to come her memory will be found in the many pedigrees which include her prefix, Cymbeline.
Gill & Mike Watson (Malikasiam Siamese)

I PERSONALLY had the pleasure of knowing Tania since the early 1970s, and was both shocked and saddened by the news of her demise.

She had been a Member of the Siamese Cat Club since 1975 and eventually became a Life Member. She will be fondly and famously remembered for the beautiful Seal Points which she bred and, of course, being privileged to have owned her wonderful Gr Ch Penyralt Picasso, who is in the majority of Seal Point pedigrees.

I understand she had been breeding and showing since the late 1960s. Despite her health problems in recent years, she was to be seen regularly at the specialist shows, still showing and casting her expert eye over the Siamese.

The Chairman, Committee, Members and myself extend our deepest sympathy to her husband and family at this very sad time.

Jean Murchison, Hon Secretary, The Siamese Cat Club