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Aberdeen cats find their happy ending thanks to Cats Protection

Thirty cats that were collected from a cramped and squalid property in Aberdeen last summer have found loving new homes thanks to feline welfare charity Cats Protection.

Last June, volunteers from the charity’s Central Aberdeen Branch and Kirkintilloch Adoption Centre collected the cats at the request of their owner. Initially thin, emaciated and suffering with a range of health problems, the cats were nursed back to health as well as being neutered and vaccinated, and have since been rehomed.

The fortunate felines include eight-month-old Tiggy, a grey-and-white cat that was adopted from the Central Aberdeen Branch by David and Helen Redwood from Aberdeen. Helen explained: “We have a cat, Chong, who was feeling sad ever since our other cat had passed away.

We felt Tiggy’s bouncy and playful nature would lift his spirits, and it has done the trick! Chong and Tiggy happily play together all day and curl up next to each other at night.”

Tabby-and-white cat Little Pie and black-and-white feline Mr Dawson were two more cats to find their happy home. They were adopted by Scott and Alison Robson from Glasgow. Alison explained: “We had been looking for a pair of cats and these two really attracted us as they seemed so shy.

“When we got them home, they initially hid behind furniture and would only come out for food. However, they have grown in confidence as we have got to know them. Now they are happy and excitable cats who love playing and exploring the outdoors!”

Tracy Shiells, the charity’s Regional Development Manager, said: “I’m really pleased that these cats have got the happy ending that they deserve. However, this case underlines the need for owners to provide their cats with a safe, clean and healthy home environment and to take them to the vet regularly. We also advise that owners consider neutering their cat(s) in order to prevent unwanted kittens.”

If you are interested in homing a cat, or wish to apply for help towards the costs of neutering, please contact Cats Protection’s National Helpline on 08702 099 099 or log onto www.cats.org.uk