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Cats benefit from free microchip day

Tango, a Red Burma Cat, was one of the first animals to benefit from a free microchipping session held at the Drove Veterinary Hospital, Taw Hill Surgery, Swindon, in conjunction with Bayer Animal Health.

Vet, Anna Hunt from Droves Veterinary Hospital, microchips Tango the cat, as Caroline Braidwood from Bayer Animal Health looks on.

Tango was among the first 20 pets to attend the session, along with snakes, dogs and ferrets, which was held as part of the first birthday celebrations of the Veterinary Hospital. The service was then offered throughout the day, and by the time the doors closed at 6pm more than 24 animals had been microchipped.

The free microchipping was made possible through a donation of microchips and a handheld microchip reader scanner by Bayer Animal Health. Bayer’s Tracer Animal Coder system is used widely for the microchipping of family pets, but as Jane Carter from the Drove Veterinary Hospital said, it can be used for many animals, including cats, dogs and even reptiles.

‘Microchipping provides cats and a wide range of other animals a quick and easy way of finding them if they become lost. It is the most reliable way to prove ownership if a valuable animal is stolen.’

Caroline Braidwood, from Bayer Animal Health, said: ‘The Tracer microchip is hardly bigger than a grain of rice and is encased in a special capsule designed to sit comfortably under the animal’s skin. The chip is easily detected with a scanner and registered with the Petlog database so your petís records can be accessed 365 days a year.’

Caroline added: ‘Hundreds of treasured family pets go missing every year, yet having a Tracer chip implanted is quick and simple and once it has been done, lasts a lifetime. Pets are reunited with their families much faster and have to spend less time in re-homing centres.’
Bayer Animal Health will continue to provide its Tracer chip system to the Drove Veterinary Hospital in 2007.

The Drove Veterinary Hospital has ten veterinary surgeries in Swindon, Marlborough and Pewsey, providing multi-disciplinary services and an extended range of consulting rooms, animal wards, theatres and care suites.

During the first birthday celebrations the public were invited to meet the staff, see behind the scenes and listen to presentations by animal behaviour specialists.