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Use your mouse to support cat charities!

Cat lovers can raise money for their favourite cat charity with a mouse. Every time you search the internet money can be donated and best of all you can do it while your favourite cat is on your lap!

Mandy Cotter, founder of CatChat a small charity who is responsible for re-homing 4,500 cats a year is delighted with ClickNow. “We get around 60,000 visitors to the site who love cats, and have been able to raise our profile in the RSPCA and the Cat’s Protection magazine as ClickNow has paid for our advertisements.”

Visitors on the website who are looking to re-home cats see the information about ClickNow and use it as their search engine. CatChat also has many internet-savvy volunteers who help to keep the site updated and use Click Now to spread the word.

To support the cat charity of your choice you download the search engine details from their website. And of course you can do it with a cat on your lap!

Cat charities that use ClickNow include the local RSPCA’s in Bolton, Coventry, Hillingdon, Southport, Chesterfield, Goole, Sheffield, Southport and Suffolk East. It is also used by the Celia Hammond Animal Trust, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, Animal Care Society in Cork, Gables Farm Dogs and Cats Home, PDSA, Blue Cross, MGFT, SPCA, Wood Green Animal Shelter and the JSPCA.

For more information see www.catchat.org or type in the name of your chosen charity into a search engine to find their website. To offer support email cats@catchat.org
For more information on ClickNow see www.charityclicknow.co.uk