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Muriel Calder
THE Cat Fancy must remember Muriel Calder with a great deal of gratitude. Muriel gave a large part of her life to the Cat Fancy.

I met her in the early 1950s. This country was still recovering from the war, with many hardships, food was still rationed, tinned cat food unheard of. The Cat Fancy was nothing like it is today. It was a small, intimate Cat Fancy. Shows were held on weekdays, usually in halls or bath halls. Muriel played a big part in helping, especially vetting-in at many shows. She gave talks and lectures helping breeders with their problems, kitten diets, always very approachable with her compassion and words of wisdom. Muriel played a vital role in the capacity as senior advisor to the GCCF. Muriel was held in very high esteem by all.

I feel Muriel is the last of the great ladies.
Christina Dugdale

Mr John Knight
MEMBERS of the Birman Cat Club were deeply saddened to learn of the death of John Knight. He had been unwell for a number of weeks, and passed away in hospital during the night of the 27th/28th February.

John was a well-known member of the Cat Fancy, and along with his wife, Patsy, he was an enthusiastic and hardworking member of a number of cat clubs. He was well liked and will be sadly missed.

However, Birman people like to think that the Birman Cat Club and the Birman cat were of special importance to him. He himself had a number of Birman cats and was, in recent years, a co-ordinator of the Birman Cat Club Rescue and Welfare Organisation. This is a job which needs patience and tact, as well as organising skills and sheer hard work. These John showed in abundance.

I got to know John many years ago when he and Patsy brought a beautiful queen down for mating to my first stud, Gr Ch Laurant Kubla Khan. I found that John could be relied on to produce good commonsense advise and strong moral support. He had the ability to go straight to the heart of a problem and to see a solution. He also had a delightfully dry sense of humour, and his quiet, quirky smile could lighten an otherwise dry committee meeting.

Our hearts go out to Patsy Knight. This is a loss not only to her but to the Birman Club and to the Cat Fancy as a whole.

Anne Madden, The Birman Cat Club