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PAT Cat of the Month

- the story of my ten or so lives (alternatively - the nearly flat PAT cat!)

I’ve led a varied and adventurous life up to now in my seven years. For a long time it didn’t look like I would make it past two but I’m still here. My Mum reckons if I’d been called Tom or Blackie then I’d have been normal but Scobie had me pegged as a Scouse adventurer from the start.
My first scrape was during my first few days I was allowed out, when I was shot by an air rifle and had my spinal cord severed leading to a tail amputation. Ever since, this has led to the repeated humiliation of everyone saying, ‘Oh what a lovely little Manx cat.’

Being a glutton for punishment and also serially unable to learn a lesson, I managed to get shot again but the vet said to leave the pellet in my head – phew, I thought for a moment I would have another bit of me lopped off to try and get the message through!

Next I climbed right to the top of the Leylandi trees at the bottom of the garden and while I was having to concentrate on holding on tight, a magpie saw his chance and dive-bombed me repeatedly, pecking at my head and causing a few nasty gashes – very Alfred Hitchcock, I’m sure!
As a punishment for this failure to observe the rules, I have been sentenced to an indeterminate prison sentence in the dog’s cage with bread and water (well, biscuits and some nice fishy food really).

For the last year or so I’ve been a PAT cat (the only one on the Wirral at the time), visiting St John’s Hospice. This is lots of fun as I let everyone fuss me. Everyone is pleased to see me walking down the corridor on my purple harness and even the people who say they don’t like cats stop and have quite a long chat – I think it’s just something different for them to talk about and take their mind off illness. One lady was so pleased to see me because she was convinced either that her Dad was getting too much medication or was just losing it when he talked about being visited by a cat!

One lady wrote to her daughter to tell her she had to come in and see me at the time I was due to visit. Both of them were really pleased to see me!

Yes, I’ve now found my niche in life. To be a PAT Cat is great.

Owner - Mrs. Greer Lacey

If you would like to register your cat as a PAT Cat then please contact Pets As Therapy on 01844 346940 or visit the website www. petsastherapy.org