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Rhyme or Reason


Italian Proverbs

Old cats mean young mice!

When the cat and mouse agree, the grocer is ruined.

(Mrs P. McEwan, South Normanton)

A Nursery Rhyme

Who’s that ringing at my doorbell?
It’s a little pussy cat that isn’t very well.
Rub its little nose with a little mutton fat.
That’s the best cure for a little pussy cat.
(M. Green, Nottingham)

A Nursery Rhyme

Dame Trot and her cat
Sat down for a chat.
The Dame sat on this side
And puss sat on that.
Puss, says the Dame,
Can you catch a rat?
Or a mouse in the dark?
Purr, says the cat.
(Z. Brittain-Murray, Sedgley

And Another Nursery Rhyme...

Six little mice sad down to spin,
Pussy passed by and she peeped in.
What are you doing my little men?
Weaving coats for gentlemen.
Shall I come in and cutt of your threads?
No, no, Mistress Pussy, you’d bite off our heads.
Oh no I’ll not, I’ll help you to spin.
That may be so, but don’t come in!
(L. Brooks, Alrewas)