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Has this happened to anyone else?

I AM a Birman breeder and have just spent a most enjoyable day at the Bristol and District Cat Club show, held this year in Melksham.

My cat, Champion Sucette Midsummer Knite, had an All Red Card Day, gaining the Grand and Best of Breed, and was also Best of Variety Adult.

My own-bred kitten, Felonie Stardust, also had an All Red Card Day with Best of Breed and was also Best of Variety Kitten. Needless to say, I was thrilled, and thank both their judges for these awards. I am very mindful that judges give their time freely and without this contribution there would be no cat shows for exhibitors to enjoy.

I have not heard of anyone having two Best of Variety awards, and wondered if anyone else has, or knows of anyone who has been in this position before?

Tina Mason, Felonie Birmans

Is winning so important?
HOW sad it was to witness at the recent Seal Point Siamese Show, a very well known breeder talking to, and trying to influence the steward and judge as her cat was being judged for Best in Show.

Is winning so important that it is necessary to resort to such methods? If a cat is good enough, it will win on its merits.

Also, I notice certain favoured people and friends of a judge, asking on their behalf, managed to get early passes. When will someone dare to say NO.

S. Evans