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First UK Cat Blood Donor Register launchede

This month sees the exciting launch of a dedicated web-based blood donor register for cats www.CatBloodDonors.com

It is the first on-line initiative of its kind solely for cats and follows hot on the heels of the phenomenal response by dog owners to the introduction of the first phase of the Animal Blood Register www.DogBloodDonors.com last October. The initiative has the full support of the Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB).

www.CatBloodDonors.com follows the same successful format as the Dog Blood Donor Register which was established by dog owner Diana Cruttwell and her vet Dr Clive Elwood from Davies Veterinary Specialists, who saved Diana’s dog’s life by administering a series of emergency blood transfusions.

The move to expand the Animal Blood Register to include a dedicated site for cats was prompted by numerous requests from cat owners themselves. Dr Elwood explains:

‘The long-term plan was to set up a register for cats, but since we launched the dog register, cat owners have been contacting us in their droves, begging us to set up a similar scheme for cats as soon as possible. One lady from Surrey rang me and offered to register all seven of her cats immediately because she felt so passionate about setting up a feline service.

She felt that because they can’t help themselves we should make sure we do. Cats need more stringent blood typing than dogs, which makes it even more important to have a broad selection of donor blood available. We hope www.CatBloodDonors.com will help to save the lives of thousands of cats by making it quick and easy for vets to locate a suitable blood donor, both for emergencies and planned procedures.’

Claire Bessant from the Feline Advisory Bureau said: ‘Dr Elwood has responded promptly to the demand from cat owners for this service and we offer our full support. We are encouraging owners to register their cats in order to build the register and to provide a potentially life-saving service for cats requiring a transfusion.’

www.CatBloodDonors.com is simply an on-line register enabling vets to contact owners of potential blood donors. It runs in tandem with www.DogBloodDonors.com By registering on the safe website www.CatBloodDonors.com your catís details will be accessible to vets throughout the UK. It is a totally free service.

You can then be contacted by a listed local vet in an emergency in order for a unit of blood to be donated by your cat for use as a transfusion

To find out more, register your cat and help save a life, visit www.CatBloodDonors.com