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Pura announces the biggest offer in cat litter history

Free litter tray, scoop, stainless steel bowl and 50% extra with every 20-litre bag

· Glossy, laminated bags
· Instant Clumping
· Flat clump forming - avoids spoiling
· Scented litter emits perfume when wet

Ashapura Group, manufacturer of the *Pura* brand of cat litter has announced the ‘biggest offer in the history of cat litter’ in a bold move to become the market leader in the UK and Eire. Pura is sold in 41 countries.


“By their nature, cats are very clean animals and particular about cleanliness. They will normally ease themselves by digging up the earth.

It has been proved under test conditions that cats prefer PURA’s earthen colour to that of grey coloured litters,” said Vijay Chaudhari, Ashapura’s President of Marketing.

PURA cat litter will not support bacterial life, and being a natural drying agent will dry up any residual bits of dirty cat litter so the tray always stays hygienic and clean.
In the UK, Pura cat litter is available in three pack sizes, 5, 10 and 20 litres.